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4 Great Summer Children’s Games

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Summer is a great time to spend time with your kids. It’s also a great time to organize some do it yourself children’s games. Amusements parks and pool fees can be expensive for a family. We have some great free children’s games that the whole family can enjoy!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nothing screams summer more than a scavenger hunt. This children’s game is completely free and very easy to organize. Type up a list on your computer with items that can be found in your backyard. Print a list for each child that is participating. Some examples are a smooth rock, a fuzzy leaf or a flower. Everyone gets the list at the same time and the first one to find all of the items gets a summer prize. Washable markers can be used for each participant to check off the items on the list. Prizes can be something you already have around your house such as a Popsicle or a water gun. The winner gets to hose down the other kids.

Water ballon target practice

This children’s game is not only easy, but all of the kids can also enjoy setting it up. Start by having the oldest child draw chalk circles in the driveway. They should be nestled inside each other like a target. Label the circles starting with 50 for the middle small one, to 5 in the largest ring. Next, have the kids take turns filling up water balloons with an outdoor hose. This can be one of the children’s games within itself! Once enough are filled, store them in an empty bucket for easy tossing. Also make a scoreboard in sidewalk chalk to keep score. Each kid gets a ballon and tries to hit the circles in the target. After 10 throws, the highest score wins. A great prize would be a free pass from weekly chores.

Water Cup Race

More than just a game, this activity could last a whole day. Cut pieces of yarn in equal lengths and duct tape each to opposite walls, maintaining a row with four feet in between each piece. Next, take a plastic cup and poke a hole in the bottom for this children’s game. Remove one end if the duct tape, string the cup through the yard and attach back to the wall. Every kid gets a water gun, which they can fill with the hose by themselves. Line everyone up and scream go. The kids will use the water guns to aim the guns on the inside of the cups and squirt to move the cup down the yard. The winner is the first one to get the cup all the way to the wall. This game is addicting and we can guarantee that there will be a lot of rematches.

Frozen T-Shirt Race

This is a classic on days when the temperature and humidity is really high. The night before, soak a bunch of large t-shirts in water and place them in plastic bags. Stick them all in the freezer, to freeze overnight. Give each participant a frozen t-shirt and have them race to see who can defrost and put the t-shirt on first. They can defrost it by any means, cooling themselves down in the process.

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