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4 Fun Easter Sunday Activities For Kids

4 Fun Easter Sunday Activities For Kids
4 Fun Easter Sunday Activities For Kids

Easter Sunday is one of the biggest days. It is a terrific day on your church calendar symbolized by the religious significance and family get-togethers. The traditions of the holiday are loved by children and adults as they commemorate the resurrection of our Savior. Kids love the Easter Bunny and the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, with the possibility of receiving cool prizes.

But with a long weekend and the kids out of school, you may need more activities to keep the little ones busy and entertained as they learn Easter’s true meaning. The following are 4 Fun Easter Sunday Activities For Kids to keep them happy this Easter Sunday.

1. Easter Sunday Piñata

You can find piñatas in any size, shape, or color combination. They are available for any occasion, and that includes Easter. Just fill the piñata with Easter candy, such as jelly beans, candy eggs, chocolate bunnies or whatever else you feel is appropriate for your kids. The key to an Easter piñata is how you set it up. It needs to be at a safe height to avoid the risk of injury from falling candy. Plush toys won’t hurt anyone if they fall from a piñata, but you don’t want to take any risks where children are concerned. Make sure to attach it carefully to something stable so that the piñata itself doesn’t crash down and hurt someone. If you play it safe, the Easter piñata should be lots of fun for everyone.

2. Family Art Show

Hosting an Easter art show can help families discover the reason they need to celebrate and work together. It encourages kids to get creative by drawing pictures, creating clay displays, taking photos, and also creating a picture depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus. After the kids have done their artwork, ensure they take them to church on Easter Sunday. Their artwork can be displayed and people invited can go through the display at the children’s ministry area and choose the best in the show.

3. Easter Dedication

Easter dedication is usually best for kids aged five years and under. You can achieve this by combining your Easter service with a child dedication. As Easter Sunday celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus, Christ makes us new creations.

This service also helps parents to promise to make good decisions for their kids. Holding a brief ceremony will allow parents to teach their kids how to grow loving Jesus.

4. Scrambled Egg Hunt

This is done by having two egg hunting areas, one without and the other with many eggs. Before starting your egg-hunting, you and your kids should gather somewhere and tell them about Jesus on the cross and how he died for our sins. You can finish the story later after you make them search for the eggs as this helps in making them discover something unexpectedly missing. Have time to discuss with them their feelings and their take on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This four fun and easy Easter Sunday activities are sure to please the children in your household this Easter holiday. Hopefully, everyone will have fun making fond memories. Happy Easter!

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