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Landscape Your Backyard Like A Pro

6 Backyard Landscaping Pro Tips
6 Backyard Landscaping Pro Tips

Investing in your backyard landscaping is a great way to add value to your home. Your backyard landscaping can be a little tricky with the hot and humid Florida weather. The key is to use plants and flowers that are Florida-friendly. We have some tips to help you maximize your backyard landscaping potential this year.


Because of all of the rain that Florida gets, you can save money and time by skipping the fertilizer. The fertilizer that you use on your backyard landscaping can actually be a huge danger to the environment. The rain can wash your fertilizer into the bays, lagoons, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Florida soil is unique and contains very fine sand. Knowing this fact, plant your backyard landscaping with plants that grow well in this climate. Some good examples are Palm Trees, Milkweed, Honeysuckle and Firebush.


One problem that you may have in your backyard landscaping is brown dry patches in your grass. Visit your local garden center and purchase some iron and micronutrient supplements. They work in two important ways. They help your grass stay healthy and green and also curbs excessive growth. You won’t have to cut your grass as much in the Florida heat.


Buying weed killer can really eat away at your budget. Instead, you can make your own weed killer that is just as effective as store bought ones. Our recipe consists of 3 cups vinegar, ½ cup salt and 1 tablespoon liquid dish detergent. First, add the salt to the vinegar and let it dissolve before adding the soap. Use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on any unwanted weeds.


When purchasing plants for your backyard landscaping at your local nursery, choose plants that are full sun and drought tolerant. Your best bet is to choose plants that are native to Florida. They can withstand the Florida sun in the summer months. Keep in mind the size of mature plants. You want to leave plenty of space when planting to prevent crowding. This will also help you in the future so you don’t have to prune as much to give your plants room to grow. Another great tip is to purchase smaller, slow-growing trees. They cost less initially and their smaller stature helps them withstand storm damage better. Some of our favorites are the Crape Myrtle, Dogwood or Hydrangea. They also yield beautiful flowers that have beautiful, blooming flowers.

Decorative Items

Because grass is difficult to maintain in the Florida heat, we suggest using other items that don’t require as much maintenance. Gravel, stones and reclaimed wood look great in pathways. You could also add a rock garden or a water feature to spruce up your lawn. Some of these more permanent solutions can be expensive when you purchase them new. Instead, you can recycle old bricks or river rocks and use them in your backyard landscaping. Planters can be created out of pallets or old crates and add a vintage feel.


Mulch provides not only a great look but it also works well for the health of your plants. Mulch helps moderate the soil temperature. It keeps roots warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It also keeps moisture in the soil. This helps maintain your trees, especially in the warm summer months.

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