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6 Simple Tricks For Home Organizing

6 Simple Tricks For Home Organizing
6 Simple Tricks For Home Organizing

We absolutely hate clutter in our home! It makes your house feel smaller and cluttered. Organizing your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. We have some great organizing tips that you can do cheaply. There are a ton of items around your home that can be reused for the organization. For example, you can use cereal boxes to store magazines. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to help your home organizing project.


Unruly cords can really clutter your home quickly. Also, it can take forever to unjumble the cords when you need them. Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls can help with organizing them. Wrap each cord and secure with a bread twist tie. The cords will fit snuggly inside these cardboard rolls. You can use a sharpie to write the length of the cord on the outside. Or, you can take your organizing a step further by writing the type of cord and what room it belongs to on the outside.

Canned Goods

Does your family like to stock up on canned food items when they are on sale? If so, your panty may look like a mess. We have a super simple solution. You can use empty soda can boxes to organize these cans. Keep the cans to only one kind in each box. An easy way to decorate the box is to wrap each in simple patterned wrapping paper. You can use a different type for each food item.

Magazine Storage

Another huge source of clutter in your home is piles of magazines. Organizing these is another easy task. Save empty cereal boxes from all of your morning breakfasts. You can cut out the top and cut the sides on a diagonal. This leaves the perfect area for magazine storage. You can again use wrapping paper to decorate the outside of the boxes to make them look great in your house.

Grocery Bags

Reusing plastic grocery bags around your house will save you a lot of money in small trash bags. Storing these though can become unruly. A great solution is to use an empty baby wipe container. This way, you can pull out one bag at a time. This is another project that patterned wrapping paper comes in handy. You can wrap the outside of the container. Also, you can use double sided tape to hang this on the wall of your kitchen.


Unopened mail can pile up and make your house look really messy. Start this project by going to the dollar store. You can get a hanging shower caddy for $1. Choose white or a color that goes with your home décor. If you can’t find the perfect shade don’t stress, spray paint fixes everything. Spray paint the entire caddy evenly and let dry overnight. Hang this in your dining room or kitchen to store mail neatly.


If you love to cook, you definitely have a large collection of spices. Not only can this take up precious space in your kitchen, it can be hard to find exactly what you need. Take another trip to the dollar store and get an over the door shoe organizer. You can put all of your spice containers in the compartments. This helps out with your overall organizing mission.

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