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7 Super Smart Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
7 Smart Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! This winter in Florida has been colder than many in recent years. This is a great time of year for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning effectively deep cleans your house once a year. This not only helps with dirt, but it also helps remove germs that may be floating around your home. We have some great tips for you when it comes time for your spring cleaning.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Light fixtures and table lamps can accumulate a huge amount of dust during the year. Over time, this can dull the surface of your light bulbs and block light. Before cleaning these fixtures, be sure that the lights are off for a while so the light bulbs cool down. Using a microfiber cloth to collect all of the dust, gently going over every surface of your light fixture.

Door Knobs and Handles

Clean doorknobs and handles can really make your house feel really clean. Go around your house and use a microfiber cloth and cleaning product to clean each of these. The outside of your door usually gets a lot of dirt buildup during the winter months. Using soapy water in a bucket with a soft sponge, wipe your front door thoroughly. You can dry with a soft cloth when you are done. Also, don’t forget the inside of your front door. It can collect fingerprints during the year that need to be wiped away.


Your walls should all be wiped down when it comes time for spring cleaning. You can use a little bit of dish soap in a bucket with warm water to clean them. Be sure to work from top to bottom so there aren’t visible water drips. Walls can become scuffed during the year. You can use a magic eraser to gently remove these.

Window Frames and Baseboards

Baseboards are the more common part of your home that gets cleaned and dusted. But, you also want to get the tops of your windows and your upper molding. Using a cleaning product and a microfiber cloth, hit all of the areas that collected dust all year.


You can make the spring cleaning of your bookshelves dual purpose. You not only can clean dust, but you can declutter your bookshelf of books you no longer want. Remove books and objects from each shelf. Dust each item and the bookshelf before putting them back.

Picture Frames and Mirrors

The glass on all of your wall hanging need to be cleaned once a year. Start by dusting all sides of the frames with a microfiber cloth. A tip for cleaning is to not spray directly onto the picture frames. A liquid cleaner can get underneath and ruin pictures and artwork. Spray window cleaner lightly onto a glass cleaning cloth and then wipe them down.


You would be amazed at what is collected in your couch cushions. Start by using vacuum attachments to clean the cushions and under the cushions. Try not to vacuum up larger items such as coins. If possible, rotate your cushions to help with even wear and tear.

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