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Our Top 6 Orlando Amusement Parks

Our Top 6 Orlando Amusement Parks
Our Top 6 Orlando Amusement Parks

Orlando is known for its amusement parks. Its a hub for different theme parks. Amusement parks are a great way to spend time with your family. There are so many different options to visit. Each amusement park has its own unique style and theme. Start preparing for summer break with the kids early and start planning your day trips.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney World is one of the best-known amusement parks in the world. Disney’s Magic Kingdom was the first attraction to open at Walk Disney World in 1971. Its iconic Cinderella Castle has become a symbol of childhood adventure. There’s a huge amount of Disney inspired rides, roller coasters, and entertainment. The Magic Kingdom is divided into six different lands. These are Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Main Street and Liberty Square. Each of these six different lands has its own unique theme. If you have smaller children, be sure to visit Fantasyland, the most child-friendly land.

SeaWorld Orlando

If your kids are interested in marine life, SeaWorld is definitely the amusement park to visit. It’s well known for its aquatic-themed rides, rollercoasters, exhibitions, and shows. The most popular attractions are the Dolphin Cove, Stingray Lagoon, and the Shark Encounter tunnel. SeaWorld is a combination of zoo and amusement park. Many of the different areas of the park have “hands-on” experiences with the sea animals. In total, SeaWorld is divided into 8 different areas.


Legoland is one of the largest amusement parks in Florida. There is a ton of different things to see and do in this park. Besides its rollercoasters, shows, and performances, there are also huge Lego built models. Legoland also has its own separate waterpark. The Land of Adventure offers more of the exciting rides. It also includes a safari trek through a park of the park with life-sized Lego animals.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the amusement park that has the most Hollywood inspired rides and attractions. This park is focused more on delivering a full movie experience with state of the art technology. It has a wide range of roller coasters, including the Hulk. The most popular part of the park is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can’t miss Diagon Alley with its fire-breathing dragon. If your kids are Harry Potter fans, this is definitely the amusement park for you.

Aquatica Park

If your kids love the water, you definitely need to visit Aquatica Park. Its located next to SeaWorld. It offers head to toe slides and includes more unique attractions. The best attraction is the Dolphin Plunge. Your slide down a transparent tube while dolphins swim around in a surrounding pool. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat in Florida. Another great ride is Taumata Racer. You race other riders to the bottom on a mat. You can’t miss the brightly colored racing lanes.


This amusement is the cheapest in the area. It’s home to dozens of alligators and crocodiles. You can learn about Orlando’s most famous reptiles. It also contains the scariest ride in all of Florida. You can take a zip line over the alligator and crocodile-infested swamps of Gatorland. This harrowing ride features 1,200 feet of zip line flying.

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