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5 Top Back To School Shopping Tips

5 Top Back To School Shopping Tips
5 Top Back To School Shopping Tips

Back to school shopping can be a stressful and expensive event in your household. The average American family averages $600 a year on back to school supplies. Year after year this can add up to thousands of dollars. We have some tips and tricks to make your back to school shopping cost effective and more productive every year.

Leftover Supplies

Before you even think about searching for new supplies, you need to go through your children’s old supplies to see if anything is usable for the next school year. Be sure to save any unused loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, calculators or notepads. This can save a ton of money on back to school supplies. Cross these items off of your back to school list before you shop online or head to the mall.

Go Alone

It’s hard to stick to your budget when you kids are with you wanting higher priced supplies. Extras like decorated pencil cases or scented pens are impulse buys. A solitary parent is much better to stick to a specific budget during back to school shopping. Instead of splurging, instead, buy supplies to help your children personalize their items. Permanent markers are cheap and can decorate anything.

Start Early

Back to School sales promotions are a great time to get some extra incentives. The earlier that you start looking for these deals during summer, the earlier that you can start planning where to get all of your supplies. Buying in bulk when things are on sale is the best idea. Items such as glue sticks, notebook paper, and pencils are going to be needed the entire school year. Buy and store extra when you get the biggest savings on them. Watch for free shipping deals and order everything online to also save time and gas money.


Coupons and coupon codes can save you a bundle on back to school shopping. Look through local papers for coupons for your children’s favorite stores. You can often double up your savings by waiting for a free shipping weekend and also using a coupon code to get the maximum savings. Don’t be afraid to bring competitor coupons and ask for the same discount at a different store. Many businesses honor competitor pricing.

Second Hand

Not everything has to be purchased new at a retail store. Many second-hand children’s stores sell almost new clothing. This is great for your younger children that aren’t as worried about the latest styles and brands. Also, you can find name brand backpacks at a huge discount. JanSport, LL Bean, and North Face are all high-end book bags that kids often tired of. You can help teach your children about budgeting by taking them to the thrift store and giving them a budget to pick up their clothes with. They not only get to pick out the clothes they love, but you are teaching them a math lesson when they add up the prices. Neighborhood garage sales are another great way to knock some back to school items off of your list.

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