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The Best Restaurants In Orlando

The Best Restaurants In Orlando
The Best Restaurants In Orlando

Any foodie will understand our obsession with the best restaurants in Orlando. Orlando is normally known for its theme parks. But, there are many great restaurants in Orlando that get overlooked. With a wide range of styles and cuisines, restaurants in Orlando offer a unique range of flavors. We have compiled a list of some of the restaurants in Orlando that you absolutely need to try.

K Restaurant

This gem prides itself on locally sourced ingredients. They even include some items from the large outdoor garden behind the restaurant. They combine traditional food with creative twists. Its a mix of southern favorites with high-end dishes. Our favorite appetizer is the fried green tomato stack with crab salad. All of the flavors play perfectly off of each other. Also, don’t miss the lobster mac and cheese as an entree. The surprise addition of cherry tomatoes perfectly balances out the rich flavor of the melted cheese. It has a romantic yet casual feel, perfect for a date night or an office lunch.

Victoria and Albert’s

Victoria and Albert’s is one of the most well-known restaurants in Orlando. It’s located in the Walt Disney World Resort and its breathtaking interior is completely elegant. Your multi-course dinner is a dining experience like no other. Choose from a menu of 7 or 10 courses. The courses are inspired by famous Chef Scott Hunnel’s travels from around the world. Its a once in a lifetime dining experience. Some examples of the courses are Veal, Kobe-Style Beef, and seared tuna.


Another one of the best restaurants in Orlando is Norman’s. Its a fusion between Latin American, Caribbean, Southern and Asian styles. The dishes are beautiful and delicious. The unique style is evident in dishes such as Smoked Lamb Empanada and pan-seared sea scallops. Each dish has a creative twist of ingredients from different cultures creating a unique dining experience.

Bull and Bear Steakhouse

We are a huge fan of steakhouses. The Bull and Bear Steakhouse are absolutely the best at what they do. The décor is dark, elegant and romantic. They offer perfectly cooked steaks of any cut. Of particular note are the beef short ribs. They are so tender you won’t even need a knife to cut them. They also have an extensive cocktail list that features interesting an interesting spin on the classic cocktail.

Black Bean Deli

How would this list of restaurants in Orlando be complete without a Cuban deli? They offer very reasonably priced menu items. They are known mainly for their Cuban sandwiches. Each sandwich is grilled to perfection on authentic Cuban bread. Definitely, don’t miss the fried plantains. We personally recommend the sweet. Save room for dessert, their flan is absolutely amazing.

Valhalla Bakery

This doesn’t qualify as a restaurant in Orlando, but this vegan bakery is one of a kind. Their decadent desserts are legendary. Their donuts feature interesting flavors that change often. Who doesn’t love Fruity Pebble, Chocolate Pretzel Caramel or Peanut Butter Chunk donuts? Also, don’t miss their cupcakes. Its almost a crime to eat them because they are so beautiful.

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