Summer is the perfect time for a family vacation. Unfortunately, going on vacation can be very expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be. We have some budget travel tips that will help your vacation budget. These little methods can really add up and make your vacation cost effective.


Airline tickets are a big part of your vacation budget. If you plan in advance, visit travel discount websites. One of our favorites is Travelocity. Not only does it offer a discount, but it also offers promo codes on your purchase. Although they may charge you a small travel fee, the hundreds of dollars you will save will be worth it in the long run. Using connecting flights to your advantage is another great way to save a ton on vacation. It can take a little more time planning connecting flights, but it can save you hundreds. Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing connecting flights over a direct flight. Recently airlines have started charging extra for traveling with over 2 bags. To cut down on the extra costs, don’t use oversized bags and try to limit your packing to one bag per person.


One of the big expenses of being on vacation is eating out at restaurants. You should research what restaurants you plan on going to in advance. Try to choose economical restaurants instead of fancy ones. Another great way to save is to do your own cooking when you are on vacation. This only works though if you choose a hotel that has a kitchen. It can be fun to shop at local grocery stores and prepare food in a different kitchen. If your hotel offers a free continental breakfast, take advantage of it. You can even take leftovers that can carry you through lunchtime. Lunch is the more economical meal to eat at a restaurant. The price is much less for this meal. Considering ordering an extra meal and taking the leftovers for dinner. It will be more cost effective than eating out for dinner.

Car Rental

Another big budget item is car rentals. We have some tips to save money on this too. One way car rentals can actually be twice as expensive as standard rentals. Also, it is easier to return the car to a rental facility you are already familiar with. Did you know that most credit cards have car rental coverage? Call your credit card company to make sure they cover this. The packages at car rental businesses can be really expensive. If you are covered through your credit card, you don’t have to buy this additional insurance. Unless you have a really large family, you should always rent the smallest vehicle available. You will be paying for the extra space and also the extra gasoline that the car needs. A great money maker for car rental companies is fill up services. They charge you for a full tank of premium gasoline. It’s better to take the time to fill up yourself at a gas station before you return the car. You actually don’t need to use premium gasoline, regular will work just fine. This can save you a lot of money on your vacation budget.

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