Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is a fun time of year for you and your family. Store-bought costumes can set you back on your budget, especially if you have a large family. Why not make do it yourself Halloween costumes? All it takes is a little creativity and a glue gun. You would be surprised at how much fun it is to make a do-it-yourself Halloween costume. Get the whole family involved for some great quality time together. We have pulled together some of our favourites.

Stickman costume

This do-it-yourself stickman is super easy and creative. First, find a matching sweatsuit. We prefer white or grey. It’s easiest to assemble this with a partner while you are actually wearing the sweatsuit. Take the black electrical tape and put a line down the torso. With the same tape, make arms that go down your actual arms. Lastly, use the tape to make stick legs that run down the length of your actual legs. The finishing touch is the smiley face mask. You can use either a white paper plate or cut a circle large enough to cover your face from white poster board. Cut holes for the eyes and a smile for the mouth. Use a sharpie to make a circle inside the mask to match the lines of your limbs on your sweatsuit. Attaching the mask to your face is easy. Cut two holes for your eyes and use a fine piece of elastic to attach around your head.

Crazy cat lady costume

Another great do it yourself costume for any age is a crazy cat lady. Start your costume by purchasing some plush cats and a bathrobe at a thrift store. Use your glue gun to attach the cats all over your robe. If you plan on reusing the robe, you can also attach the cats with safety pins. Keep one or two cats out so you can hold them. Next, you want to tease your hair making it look messy and unkempt. The final step is to take a few mixed matched curlers and pin them haphazardly in your hair. A great choice for shoes would be slippers or house shoes.

Bank robber costume

Some of the best do-it-yourself costumes come from items you already have. A bank robber is a creative and easy costume for Halloween. Most likely, you will have most of the clothing items already. You will need a black hat, black pants, black shoes, black gloves and a black and white striped shirt. You will need to purchase a black mask that covers your eyes. You can get this inexpensively from a dollar store. The thing that pulls the whole costume together is the money bag. Get 2 paper bags with handles from your local grocery store. Use a black sharpie to draw big dollar signs on the outsides of the bags and carry one in each hand.

“Covered in bugs” costume

The easier and creepiest do it yourself costume is to be covered in bugs. Our favourite is plastic cockroaches, but you can also use ants, spiders or flies. All you need to attach these to your arms, legs and face is eyelash glue. This is easy to wipe off with soap and water. Be sure to use enough that the bugs stay put for the whole evening.

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