Decorating your home can be very expensive. Although we love the look of a beautifully decorated home, sometimes the look is out of your budget. Whoever said that you can’t do it yourself? You can turn anything into a perfect interior design project. Here are some of our ideas for your do it yourself design.

Mason Jars

These items are so versatile when you are do it yourself decorating. Empty jars are perfect for vases, utensil holders, toiletry containers or even pencil holders. Collect and clean any mason jars that you have been using for jams or jellies. Stop at your local hardware store and buy cans of matte spray paint that matches the décor of the room that the jars will be in. Do it yourself by spray painting each jar with this matte paint. If you prefer a more distressed look, wait until the jars are fully dry. Take rubbing alcohol and a Brillo pad and gently scratch away some of the paint to give it an aged look. You can also make paper stencils to apply before you spray paint for a different effect. After you finish painting, remove the paper stencils. This will not have any paint applied to you will still be able to see the glass of the mason jar. If your do it yourself side is feeling extra crafty, you can hot glue marbles or letters onto your jars to make them extra personalized.

Light Switch Plates

Light switch plates are another do it yourself project that is super cheap, but looks high end in your home. First remove your light switch plates with a flat head screwdriver. You have multiple options as to decorating them. One method is to take wallpaper, newspaper or even magazine pages and modge podge them onto the switch plates. Once the paper dries, use sharp scissors to cut holes in the paper where the hardware goes though. This is an interesting visual style when it is applied to all of your light switches throughout your house. One last method is to use the some spray paint that you used for your mason jar projects. Apply a layers of matte spray paint, allowing each to dry before starting a new coat. You can lightly distress the finish with rubbing alcohol and Brillo pads. When all of these do it yourself projects are dry and complete, you can reapply them with your screwdriver to your light switches.

Chalkboard Paint

Its amazing how many things that you can do with chalkboard paint. Its a do it yourself project in itself. Using painter’s tape and a ruler, tape off 3 squares on your kitchen wall. Fill these squares in with chalkboard paint, removing the painters tape after its dry. These not only look great, but are good for reminders, grocery lists or recipe lists. This can also be lightly distressed with a Brillo pad to keep the look consistent though all of your house. If you are feeling more ambitious, paint an entire accent wall in your kitchen with the chalkboard paint. Some areas can be used to lists, while you can draw decorative items like flowers in colored chalk.

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