Easy And Cheap Kids Crafts

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This is a great time of year to work on kids crafts. With your kids off of school on the weekends, kids crafts are a great way to fill up some of their time. These ideas can also be used for homemade gifts. They would be great to give to your children’s teachers, neighbors or family friends for any special occasion. Some kids crafts can be expensive with all of the materials needed. Our easy and cheap kids crafts will keep your kids occupied for hours.


Decorating tea towels is a fun way to get your kids involved in crafts. All you will need is white tea towels, a potato and fabric paint. You can get the tea towels and fabric paint at the dollar store to make them a budget friendly kids crafts. You will want to help your younger children with the next step. Using a paring knife, cut out the opposite of a star. You want the star to be the object that isn’t carved. It will be the highest part of the potato. Next, have your kids paint the star on the potato stamp with fabric paint. Lay your tea towel flat on a table and use painter’s tape to tape the edges down so the towel lays flat. Stamp the potato on the towel, repainting the star when the image gets too light. Let your towel dry completely and remove the painters tape.


Our next idea for kids crafts is easy and a great gift for friends or your children’s teachers. Visit the dollar store and buy plain coffee cups or soup bowls in light colors. Good examples are white, yellow or sky blue. You will also need an oil based paint marker. For extra glitz, purchase one that is silver or gold. Put down an old sheet on your work surface just in case your kids get some of the marker on their hands. Then, have an artistic theme for each mug. Once can be polka dots, another can be clouds and a third could be flowers. On each mug, have your kids draw these on the outside of the mug. Let them dry overnight and they are ready for any occasion!


A sharpie oil based paint marker is a great item to have for kids crafts. Instead of having the same plain ornaments on your tree for Christmas, have your kids customize them. Take all of the plain ornaments you already have and put an old sheet over your dining room table. Use a different festive word for each bulb. Our suggestions are noel, peace, joy, merry, winter and bells. Have your kids paint marker a word on each bulb. Don’t worry about perfect lettering, encourage your kids to be creative and imperfect. Let the bulbs dry for about an hour. Then, decorate the tree next year with all of their homemade Christmas ornaments.


This concept for kids crafts isn’t going to be a favorite of yours, but we guarantee it will be a favorite of your kids. Add 5 ounces of white school glue to a disposable cup. Next, add in a tablespoon of water, drops of food coloring and glitter. Mix well with a wooden Popsicle stick. Lastly, add ¼ cup of liquid starch. Stir well with your Popsicle stick until it starts to get a solid consistency. Take out of the cup and begin kneading on a table. You now have your own slime! When you kids aren’t using it, store in an sealed container.

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