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Don’t Overpay For These 6 Expensive Items

Don't Overpay For These 6 Expensive Items
Don’t Overpay For These 6 Expensive Items

It’s nice to treat yourself to expensive items every once in a while. Nice dinners, family vacations or gym memberships are definitely worth the money. But, there are some expensive items that are not worth the money you are spending on them. These items can end up eating away most of your paycheck and savings. Everyone places different values on items they purchase. Why spend extravagantly on things that you don’t really need to spend on? We have some big ticket items that you may be overpaying on.


The price of cable tv packages keeps skyrocketing. Even for a basic cable package, it can be expensive. Because of recent technology trends, there are some alternatives to a traditional cable package. DirecTV offers a package that contains over 60 channels. It will only cost you $35 a month. This is a steal! Plus, you don’t have to sign any long-term contract. Hulu is now offering a live streaming service. You can watch over 50 channels for just $39.99 per month. These different options will cut your expensive cable package price in half.

iPhone X

The latest and greatest new phone is the iPhone X. These phones are extremely expensive compared to Android versions. If you love iPhones versus the android, you can buy an older version. You can get an older refurbished version for half the price. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Also, the newest version of any cell phone has some bugs when it is first released. It will take extra time to constantly install updates from apple. Why not buy an older version to save yourself a headache and some money?

New Cars

Buying a brand new car is not only expensive but also a bad investment. As soon as you drive it off of the car lot, it depreciates. We can understand if you are wealthy and want a new car. For the rest of us, its a waste of money. One good thing about a new car is the factory warranty. You can save thousands by purchasing a certified pre-owned car. You then get a warranty you desire. A lot of people realize that buying a new car is a bad investment. They then put the car up for sale because they can’t afford it. You can purchase an almost new car for below Kelly Blue Book in this type of situation.


Another waste of money is buying expensive name brand sunglasses. These can cost upwards of $100. Designer sunglasses can last a long time, but are they really worth the cost? You can get comparable pairs from many off brands. For example, Amazon carries a large selection of well-made sunglasses at a fraction of the cost. Why buy top of the line if you really don’t need them?


Buying high-end makeup can cost women hundreds if not thousands. A small bottle of foundation can cost over $50. Is this really worth it? Not according to many studies. Cosmetics purchased at drugstores for a fraction of the price have rated just as well. Before paying for the more expensive versions, check out some articles online of the cheaper versions.

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