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7 Ways To Give Your Florida Home a Makeover for Less

By Teri Silver

Florida Home


Giving your Central Florida home a re-boot doesn’t have to be a strain on your wallet. Sure, you’ll have to spend a little, but updated decor adds a lot of joie de vivre, making everyday life a little less dull. From inside design to your beautiful landscape, your home is a source of pride and joy.

You can update the decor in your home for less if first, you decide what “less” actually means.

Decide on a sliding-scale budget that has a little flexibility to it. When it comes to finding items we like, it can be hard to say no. What is reasonable? Can you live within this budget, and what happens if you find something that you absolutely must have? You just have to know where to find the great deals. Look for coupons on everything from house painting to carpet cleaning.

1. Decor

Florida Home

Create a list of the changes to make — painting a different color, reupholstering furniture, new accessories, drapes and the like. Your local home improvement store can help with setting these priorities.

2. Walls

Freshening the paint in any room is always a plus, especially in Florida. Paint all four walls of a room or just one a different color that will contrast against the other three. Wallpaper or paper borders look great, too. One idea is to paint a basic color and then add paper striping or three-dimensional materials to the wall. Feeling artistic? Try painting a mural on one wall. Before deciding on a particular color, shop around to see if coordinating accessories are available — pillows, bedspreads, and draperies.

3. Fabrics

Florida Home

Silks, satins, acrylics, wools and other textiles are all out there. Visit a craft or sewing store to get ideas; shopping in person rather than online allows you to feel the materials before buying them. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, head to the internet; you are sure to find someone who can get the job done. This is an ideal way to reupholster furniture, too.

4. Furniture

Buying new pieces for your updated Florida home gets expensive. Consider refurbishing older furniture. Visit a resale shop and take home some simple chairs and tables. Refinished or painted wooden furniture has a certain quality and satisfaction to it, especially because you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on it. You can also match other items in the room to this scheme.

5. Accessories

Matching decorative items always brighten up a room, and shopping for them can be a lot of fun. Bargain-hunters often find cool stuff at the big box stores. But don’t underestimate Florida’s fine boutiques and smaller brick-and-mortar establishments. They have crafts and one-of-kind pieces unavailable elsewhere.

6. Plants

Florida Home

You should also consider adding plants to your decor. Remember that Central Florida landscape we mentioned? Bring some of that color inside. A croton plant looks as nice on the coffee table as it does in the garden. Stop at a local nursery and find plants that will match your color scheme.

7. Accents

Accents are different from accessories because they bring out your own personality. For example, that glass collection that is safely boxed and housed in the downstairs closet? Bring it out to play! Displaying our treasured things not only allows us to enjoy seeing them every day – it gives us something to talk about with guests. Whatever you collect, bring it out into the light!

8. Celebrate the seasons

Ignore the naysayers who point out Florida lacks much weather change. Who (besides Olaf) says you can’t put up snowmen decor in the winter?

When it comes to giving your Central Florida home a makeover without spending a bundle, new and refurbished tchotchkes go a long way toward freshening up the look. Hold onto the big pieces of furniture and redecorate the small stuff. But keep in mind that humidity and high temperatures play a part in the process. You want to invest in changes that will last.

Teri Silver is a journalist and outdoor enthusiast who spends her weekends mowing her 5-acre lawn. She’s an avid do-it-yourselfer who refurbishes anything she can get her hands on.

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