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How to Maintain a Fresh Bathroom

As one of the most intimate rooms in one’s home, the bathroom should be a place where you can relax and enjoy some alone time. 

However, the bathroom is also the quickest to get dirty, grimy, and cluttered if not maintained regularly. 

The great news is that cleaning your bathroom and keeping it fresh for longer doesn’t have to take a lot of your time and effort, as long as you stick to continuous small habits and tricks.

Let it Dry

Mold is the biggest enemy of a healthy and pleasant bathroom atmosphere. If you notice any mold in your bathroom, make sure to get rid of it thoroughly.

In order to prevent the mold from forming in the first place, the best practice is to separate all wet materials and let them dry properly. For instance, once you’re done showering, make it a point to spread your shower curtains so that the moisture can evaporate easily. Drape your bathmat and towels, too. Remember that wet towels should never be bunched up in a pile or placed on top of each other if you don’t want mold.

It’s Time to Tackle the Clutter

A bit of clutter is a normal occurrence in every bathroom. However, it’s important to realize when you’ve gone overboard with storing your bath and beauty products. That said, take a good look at what products you truly use once in the bath/shower.

Chances are you have a couple of shampoo bottles, body washes, soaps, and other products just lying around and cluttering the space for no reason. And some of those bottles might even be empty!

A thorough declutter will help you stick to your favorite bathroom products. What’s more, less clutter will prevent the water and grime from piling up too quickly, thus leaving you with more room for efficient cleaning when necessary.

While you’re at it, you might also want to look into different organization options. After all, if despite your current storage and organization setup you always seem to end up with a cluttered bathroom, a storage solution makeover might be just the right thing.

Keep Your Windows Open

This is a rather simple practice that many people may already be aware of. But if you tend to forget to open your windows once you’re done with taking a shower or a bath, this should be a reminder to take up this nice little habit.

Essentially, the more air there is in the bathroom, the faster the moisture will evaporate. This also means that the things you spread out to dry will do so quickly. In case you can’t have your bathroom window open for whatever reason, at least turn on the fan to provide additional air circulation, regardless of the season. The hot weather outside can’t help your bathroom dry unless you let that hot air in.

Avoid Oil Stains or Rings

You should always strive to make your cleaning time easier. The same goes for cleaning the bathroom. That said, the best practice is rinsing the tub with warm water right after stepping out of it.

This is another simple trick that works wonders in the long run. Rinsing will prevent product buildup, which is often accompanied by the regular use of bath salts and oil-based products. Getting rid of stains and rings with scrubbing is far more challenging than plain rinsing.

How To Maintain A Fresh Bathroom

Clean Grout Every Once in a While

You don’t have to clean your grout every single day. What’s more, you probably won’t have to deal with this task more frequently than once a month, as long as you make sure to do it regularly on a monthly basis.

Basically, the crevices between the bathroom tiles also accumulate moisture and grime, which is an ideal setting for mold and mildew. Sadly, these areas don’t dry as easily even with proper airing.

In order to clean the grout effectively, mix water and bleach, and scrub the mixture over the crevices. Once you’re done, rinse the area with warm water and a gentle cleaning agent to get rid of the bleach.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

If you want to maintain a fresh bathroom and keep it clean for longer, occasional cleanup is necessary. But, with the previously mentioned habits such as letting the air circulate, decluttering and organizing the whole room, and rinsing the tub after every shower, the whole cleaning process shouldn’t take too long. You’ll probably be able to get away with a weekly cleanup – if you use the right natural products, of course.

Make sure to choose only cleaning tools and agents that you can trust to be effective, safe, and toxin-free. It’s also a good idea to make your own homemade cleaning agents with lemon juice and vinegar. However, these cleaning solutions won’t manage every single cleaning task which is why you want the best of the best that stores have to offer.

Scent Up Your Bathroom

In order to maintain a fresh bathroom that makes you feel happy and calm every time you enter it, you should also experiment with different bathroom fresheners and scents. After all, aromatherapy can be very beneficial for your senses.

In that respect, consider the different options you have. You can simply pick up oil diffusers and scented candles from the store, or even go a step further and mix in some essential oils for your humidifier.

It would be nice to have a designated space for your scents in the bathroom. This can elevate the look and feel of the whole room in an instant. Complete the look with some decorative pieces such as framed pictures and plants. You can always get a faux plant if you don’t want to deal with a real one.

Cleaning your bathroom regularly and maintaining its freshness will definitely affect your mood and reduce stress every time you get to unwind in a warm bath. But that is not all: thanks to the above-mentioned tips and practices, you’ll reduce the risk of mold formation, which is crucial for your good health and well-being. 

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