Universal Studios is a great place to spend your next vacation. But, if you have a big family, this can be a very expensive trip. Luckily, if you are a Florida resident, you are already saving from not having to purchase airline tickets. This can be more than the price for every item on the entire trip. Knowing how to save money when on vacation can really help you budget. We have some tips and tricks to keep your visit to Universal Studios reasonably.


If you are going to be at the park for multiple days, you are going to want to stay in a hotel. Staying at on-site hotels is how to save money. This way, you are closer to all of the attractions. It also helps by not having to use your car during the trip. If you stay at an on-site hotel, you have access to all of the amenities at every hotel. Cabana Bay is the cheapest on-site hotel. Another tip on how to save money is to book during the offseason. You can get a great deal on the room price. Sign up for the Universal Orlando Resort email promotions a few months in advance. You can get extra savings on hotels when they run promotions. This way, you can visit all of the hotel pools without paying the price for the more expensive hotels.


Waiting to buy your tickets the morning of your park visits can cost you an arm in a leg. Planning ahead is yet another way how to save money. By booking an on-site hotel in advance, you will usually receive a free day of tickets for the park. Research your tickets online from Universal Studio’s website. You can get some great deals on park tickets this way. This is another situation that signing up for Universal Orlando Resort email list will benefit you. They run a lot of promotions for discounted tickets. You can purchase these in advance and stay within your budget.


Another huge expense is eating all of your meals in the park. You should try to avoid eating in the park as much as possible. Instead, plan ahead and buy all of your snack, breakfast and lunch items ahead of time. Stay away from as many refrigerated items as possible. Pack snacks and lunches ahead of time before you head to the park each morning. Also be sure to eat breakfast at your hotel.

In Park Snacks

Planning ahead is usually the best way how to save money. A great deal in the park is to buy refillable popcorn buckets and refillable drinks. The drink refills are completely free and there are Coke Freestyle drink dispensers all over the park. You can even bring them back the next day and for a small fee, you can make them refillable again. Buying a refillable popcorn bucket is another great way how to save money. You pay a small fee each time you refill the bucket. It much better than stopping to pay for larger snacks throughout the day. You can also bring your own refillable water bottles to the park. This will save a ton on buying bottled water. You will need to drink a lot if you spend the day in the sun. With our tips, your trip shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg!

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