Hurricane Preparedness

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There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to hurricane preparedness. Hurricanes are massive storms that can be up to 600 miles across. They are characterized to have wind speeds of 75 – 100 miles per hour. Hurricanes are rated on a system ranging from one to five. Five is the most powerful type of hurricane. The most dangerous parts of a hurricane are the storm surges. Flooding, landslides and tornadoes are other damaging effects from these storms.


Hurricane preparedness is an essential part of handling these storms. There are steps that need to be taken before, during and after the storm. The earlier that you start your hurricane preparedness the better you are. When these storms approach, gas stations can run out of fuel and grocery stores can run out of water. Its best to clear out a closet in your home and store your hurricane preparedness kit in there.


As the storm approaches, charge our cell phone and have a list of the loved one that you need to contact. You can download apps for your smartphone that can notify people that you are safe, need shelter or you are in search of first aide. Use hurricane shutters or board up your windows with heavy plywood. Bring in any items that you have outside or in your yard that can be taken by the heavy winds. These can become extremely dangerous projectiles. Clear and secure all of your outdoors gutters. Fill your bathtub, sinks and any empty containers with water. If your family has multiple cars, fill at least one with a full tank of gas. Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting in case you lose power during the hurricane. Lastly, store all important documents such as passports in a watertight container for safety.

Hurricane Kit

Your hurricane preparedness kit will need to contain items for the next few days of the storm. Each person in your house needs one gallon of water each per day for 3 days or more. You also need a 3 day supply of food also. You want to stick to foods that don’t need refrigeration such as peanut butter, crackers, protein bars or trail mix. A flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, toilet paper, battery powered radio, duct tape, dust masks and a multipurpose tool are all important to keep in your kit. Do not forget any prescription medication, cell phones, baby supplies, family contact information and pet supplies. Be prepared to spend a week without electricity in the worst weather conditions.


During the hurricane, absolutely do not go outside. During the eye of the storm, weather conditions will become calm for a short amount of time. This does not mean it is safe to go outdoors. After the eye passes, hurricane winds will resume. If flooding is occurring in your home, immediately turn off the breaker to stop the electricity. Also, stay away from windows, skylights and glass doors. With hurricane winds, broken glass can become a danger to your family. If possible, take shelter in an interior room, closet or bathroom.

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