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15 Easy Hacks To Organize Your Messy Life


Organizing your home can feel like it will take forever. Organizing in general is a time consuming activity. Even so, organizing is a must otherwise you will ever know where anything in your house is. It will also save precious space in your house too.

There are some clever and time saving hacks that can help your home stay organized. These tips will help clean up the messiness of your life and home.

Folding Underwear and Bras

Bras and underwear take up a ton of space in your drawers. Also, with layer upon layer of fabric, it’s hard to see what is at the bottom of the pile.

Instead, try folding your underwear and bras in half. They become easier to pick up and move around as a unit. It also saves a lot of space. It doesn’t take more than one extra step when you are folding laundry.

Folding Tee Shirts

Folding tee shirts when you are doing laundry can seem to take forever. It doesn’t have to though. Think of each tee shirt as a section of three. The top part with the sleeves is part A. The middle section that goes across your mid section is B. The very bottom of the shirt is section C. You are going to fold it in thirds starting with section A. Fold it down to section B, then fold once more till it reaches section C.

Now you have a quickly folded tee shirt. There are actually even more ways to cleverly fold a tee shirt. Check out this article from WikiHow.

Organizing Your Clothes And Hangers

Clothes that hang on hanger take up a ton of closet space. With this easy hack, this problem is a thing of the past. Start pulling off the tabs off of your soda cans. You can put the first part of the tab through the hanger, and the second part through another hanger.

This way, you can hang two items in the space that one normally hangs. Its best of you hang items that are normally worn together. For example, a two parts of a pants suit. Not only is this easy, it’s also free.

Losing Socks

Most people can understand the struggle of losing socks in the laundry. This can be really frustrating if you buy good quality socks and end up having to throw one away. This next hack is brilliant.

Next time you throw a pair of socks into your laundry basket, use a safety pin to pin them together. You can run the pin through your laundry cycle and you will never loose a sock again. Check out LifeHacker for even more ideas how to organize your socks.

Carpet Stains

One of a mom’s worst fears is when her child drops food on the white carpet. Instead of stressing about the situation, try this easy hack.

  • Fresh Stain: Try to pick up as much of the food spill as you can. On the stained area, add a half inch of salt. Leave this salt on the stained area for 1-5 days. The salt will absorb all of the stain. After a few days, break up the salt and vacuum.
  • Old Stain: For an old stain, first moisten he area heavily with water. After it is saturated, add a half inch of salt. Let it sit for 5 days. Then, vacuum after.

This easy solution to carpet stains will save you a lot of headaches. For some other homemade carpet cleaners, read this blog by Reader’s Digest.


One of the biggest wastes of time is cleaning out your fridge. It’s also a waste of money, The more things that go bad, the more grocery money you are wasting. There is a easy and free hack for this problem.

  • Clean all of the perished items out of your fridge
  • Move all of the fresh and perishable items to the very front of your fridge
  • When you go grocery shopping, always store perishable items right in the front of your fridge.

This way, you always see the items that are eventually going to go bad. The biggest thing that goes wrong in your refrigerator is that items that go bad fast are pushed to the back. Once you don’t see them, they are easily forgotten. There are also 27 more tips that will help you keep the fridge organized at BuzzFeed.

Glass Jars

Lots of your grocery items come in glass jars. Some good examples are spaghetti sauce, Starbucks Frappuccinos and jams. Instead of putting them in your recycling can, recycle them yourself. They can be used for food storage in your kitchen. The great thing is that you can see inside them. They save space and look great in your kitchen.

Here’s how to get them ready for storing items:

  • Clean the inside and outside of the glass jars with soap and water
  • After they dry, gently remove the paper labels by mixing soap and water together.
  • With a sponge, put a layer of this on the label and let it sit for 10 minutes
  • The water and soap will break down the adhesive and the label will come right off

If you are feeling extra creative, you can etch what each jar contains on the outside of the glass. Martha Stewart has easy steps for making these personalized.

Cleaning Your Microwave

Everyone’s least favorite task is cleaning your microwave. Food gets baked on the inside surface. It takes a lot of time to scrape off these baked on stains. Cleaning it can end up taking a whole day. There is a much easier way to go about it.

  • Mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar in a microwave safe bowl
  • Place the bowl in the microwave for three minutes
  • Let stand for three minutes
  • Remove the bowl from the microwave
  • Take a paper towel and just wipe away all of the left over food on all sides

The water becomes steam when you are cooking it. It combines with the vinegar to soften all of the cooked in stains. You can now easily wipe the inside and save a ton of time and effort. For a step by step article on how this works, PopSugar has a break down of all of the steps.

Junk Drawer Organization

Though we might not like to admit it, most of us have a junk drawer in our home. It acts like a catch all for any item that doesn’t fit into a larger drawer. Unfortunately, once something goes into the junk drawer, you will probably never be able to find it again.

Organizing it is easy:

  • Buy a flatware organizer that you fit into a silverware drawer
  • Use the compartments in it to organize all of your items
  • Try to keep similar items together

Who knew organizing your junk drawer could be this easy? If you are interested in different drawer organizing solutions, you can find them at the Container Store.

Freezer Organization

Unfortunately, freezers aren’t as large as the main part of your refrigerator. If your family uses a lot of frozen foods such as ravioli, vegetables or fruit, your freezer can become really disorganized. Half used bags laying on top of each other makes it hard to find anything. Also, you risk freezer burn on your food.

We have an easy way to organize this space:

  • Fold down half used bags to get rid of the extra air
  • Buy large black binder clips
  • Clip the top of the rolled down bag to the bottom of your freezers wire rack
  • All of your bags are displayed so they are easy to find

You will free up tons of space in your freezer. Also, there will be no more rooting through half used bags. Surprisingly, you can do a lot of things with binder clips.

Soap Scum

Soap scum can build up all over shower doors. It’s really hard to remove and can make your whole bathroom look dingy. There is an easy solution using something you most likely already have in your kitchen: cooking spray.

Here is the process:

  • Spray the inside of your shower doors with non stick cooking spray
  • The scum and hard water residue will start to disappear
  • After 10 minutes, go over the doors with a clean cloth
  • The cloth will remove all of the residue

It’s just that easy. No more buying expensive soap scum remover that doesn’t actually work that well. You can find some other cleaning hacks from The Krazy Coupon Lady.


Ironing or using a steamer is a ton of work. You have to wait for it to heat up, then try to get the bad wrinkles out of your clothes. In a hurry? Here is a simple hack that forever change the way you treat wrinkles.

  • Place 2-3 ice cubes from your freezer into your dryer
  • Add your wrinkled clothes
  • Put your dryer on the hottest setting
  • The ice melts and turns to steam
  • Run your clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes

The wrinkles are all completely gone! This take no extra effort or time. The link from Lifehacker can tell you all about how this trick works.

Broken Glass

It happens to the best of us, accidentally dropping your coffee cup on the hardwood floor. Or putting the coffee pot down too hard on the counter. Breaking something glass in your home happens all the time. Its easy to clean up the large glass fragments, but the tiny shards are a nightmare. Don’t stress, here’s a tip to make this easy.

  • Grab a piece of bread from your pantry
  • Put a little bit of water on it. Just enough to make the bread damp
  • Press it all over the area where you broke the glass
  • The bread will pick up all of the tiny pieces of glass instead of your fingers or toes

Just like that, you never have to stress over broken glass again. This isn’t the only hack that bread can do. Read this Greatist blog for 15 more ideas.

Dirty Jewelry

If you wear your fine jewelry everyday, you probably notice that over time it collects dirt. Sending it to a jeweler to be professionally cleaned can be expensive. There is a much easier way to safely and gently remove the dirt.

  • Fill a glass with seltzer water
  • Add 2 drops of dish soap and mix it around
  • Add your jewelry to the glass
  • Let it soak for 5 minutes
  • Remove and gently polish with a dry cloth

The combination of soap and seltzer water will loosen all of the dirt and debris on your jewelry. Polishing it with a dry cloth after will remove all of this. For even more ways to clean your jewelry at home, check out this blog from Reader’s Digest.


Because our feet sweat during the day, our shoes sometimes can smell like a gym locker room. You can buy expensive deodorizing sprays from shoe stores. These sprays don’t work long term though to remove unpleasant smells. We have a much easier solution for this problem.

  • Place 2 teabags in each shoe
  • Let sit overnight
  • The tea bags will absorb the smell, throw away when you take them out

Anytime that your shoes start to smell again, you can repeat this routine. If your shoes are extra smelly, this may not eliminate all of the odor. Runner’s World has a break down of different products you can use to have your shoes smelling fresh again.

Lost Items

If you have carpet in your home, you know how easy it is to lose a small item and never find it again. A really common one is earring backs. Eventually all of these small items will end up in your vacuum and then in the trash.

There’s an easy way to find these items:

  • Use your vacuum cleaners hose attachment
  • Cover the end of the hose with a pantyhose or stocking
  • Put a rubber band over the stocking to keep it attached to the hose
  • Run over the carpet to pick up your missing item

You will be amazed at the small items you find. For more life hacks, check out Brightside.

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