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43 Real Opportunities For Making Money At Home


50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

The American workforce has fully embraced the “side hustle”, and more often than not, the most convenient way to make a few extra bucks is to do it from the leisure of your home. Upwards of 4 million Americans have found a way for making money at home.

That’s a massive chunk of the U.S. labor pool whose job doesn’t end at the office. Not to mention the sheer percentage of Americans that works their actual full-time gigs from home. In 2016, 43% percent of employed Americans have reported having telecommuted at some point during the year.

It’s not hard to find some extra money-making opportunities via the web, however, work-from-home scams are abundant, so beware. You’re entirely on your own out there, so proceed with caution when taking on a new money-making side gig.

Our Guide To Making Money At Home

So, are you ready to make some extra money from home? We here for you. ūüôā

After hours of extensive internet research, we’ve found you 50 great money-makers you can work on from home.

These are methods that have been highly used and reviews by thousands of people just like you. So, if it works for them, it should work for you.


1. Give Your Opinion, Make Money

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Surveys¬†are a quick and easy way to make a few extra bucks, with the emphasis being on “few”. You’re not going to rake in the dough with this method but they require little to no time and if you sign-up on multiple survey sites, the benefits will add up over time.

These are our favorite survey sites and apps

  •¬†qualifies you before each survey to make sure you meet the intended demographic, but some surveys pay up to $40. Hack: Represent yourself as a highly coveted demographic and qualify for more surveys. Shhh, you didn’t hear that from us.
  • is one of the more popular surveys sites with over 20 million members. Plus, they give you the option to redeem your survey rewards in cash or gift cards to major retailers and restaurants like Starbucks, Walmart & Amazon. You can also gain credit in the form of Swagbucks on daily surveys and polls that are redeemable only as gift cards.
  • like the other aforementioned survey sites pay their users in cash and by gift cards of which they have a wide variety of options for that. They also have awarded over $32 million to users back in 2014, that’s a lot of money!

2. Get Money Back On Old Purchases

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Are you one of those shoppers that buys everything online? Do you keep old emails? Then you’re in luck! is an app that scans your email account for receipts from online purchase and gets you rebates on items you’ve purchased that may have gone on sale. It also gets you a refund on shipping in case a package shows up late. The app works with Paribus directory of partnering online retailers.

3. Real Estate Investing (Say What??)

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Let’s face it, we’re not all in the position to buy and flip houses. But with, you don’t have to.

Sharestates is a real estate investment crowdfunding platform that helps accredited investors build a real estate portfolio by sharing the investment cost. You can start with a minimum investment of only $1000.

We’re talking multi-billion-dollar investment funds here, that you can get in with other investors like you with returns of 8%-12%

How it works is simple. Developers seek funding for a real estate project and Sharestates underwrites the loan. Then, as a potential investor looking for real estate investment can search through their directory of approved loans and invest in the ones that you want. The developers take those investments to complete their projects and they pay you interest in return.

For more info, visit

4. Making Money At Home By Watching Online Videos

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Ready to keep feeding your current Netflix addiction? Have we got news for you! It’s time you were making money at home just by watching Netflix.

Netflix is continually looking to hire taggers to watch their streaming service to help with creating good recommendations for other Netflix users.

Just check out the¬†Netflix job board¬†to see if they have any available tagger positions. Keep in mind, you’re not going to be raking in the dough here and they require a lot of hours. But, if binging on Netflix is currently one of your hobbies, then this might be well worth a look into.

5. Automatically Round-Up Your Purchases

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Qaptial is an app that allows you to personalize your savings goals and rules. It also motivates you to save for needed purchases.

The most common rule is the RoundUp rule which rounds up every purchase to the next dollar, saving the extra money for you.

Other rules included in the Qapital app are:

  • Spend Less Rule: Spend less than a specified amount at the retailer of your choice, put those savings in a slot designated for a specific needed purchase, like a car.
  • Round-Up Rule: Round up every purchase to the next dollar amount.
  • Set and Forget Rule: Set a specified amount to be automatically saved at a specified interval.

Qapital can also help you with money investments for only $1 per month (if you invest less than $5000 per month). Based on when you need your money and the amount of risk you’re ok with, Qapital will invest in a¬†diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.

It also notifies you every time a transaction is made, access to funds when goals are met and real-time, accurate account balances.

  • Download Qapital for iOS devices¬†here.
  • Download Qapital for Android devices¬†here.

6. Try Your Luck With Digital Scratch-off Tickets

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

We’ve all seen and/or given the old convenience store lottery scratch-off ticket a random shot here and there. Unfortunately, the odds of making money at home on these are so long, they’re an obvious waste of time.

Instead, you should try the Fronto app. Granted, Fronto’s primary function is to serve advertisements to your phone’s lock screen and pay you for interacting with them, they still offer a neat little scratch-off ticket feature from within the app that can win you points which are redeemable in gift cards and cash.

The earnings are small and incremental but they require little to no effort on your part and over time, they will add up.

One major drawback, however, is that this app will drain your battery and use up lots of data, so if this is a problem, Fronto may not be the best option.

  • Download Fronto for Android devices¬†here.

7. Become A Smartphone Stock Photographer

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

With high-tech, high-quality cameras at everyone’s disposal via smartphones, we’ve all become burgeoning photographers. Why not sell those amazing photos then? Well, with Snapwire, you can.

Snapwire is an app that gives you the opportunity to monetize your extraordinary camera-phone photos, with an emphasis on extraordinary.

Snapwire really loves high-quality images, and the more you prove your photo-taking capabilities, the more you can “level-up” your account which attracts more potential buyers to your portfolio looking for stock photography.

50% of every photo you sell goes directly to you unless it’s a photo taken in response to a brand “request” or “challenge”, in which case you get 70%.

While the app encourages photos taken directly with your phone, you can upload the high-quality images that you’ve taken with an actual camera.

  • Download Snapwire for Android devices¬†here.

8. Get Some New Credit Cards

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Credit card sign-up bonuses are everywhere and some of them can be extremely lucrative. Why not take advantage of it?

Ideally, in order for this to be 100% effective, you have to have good or great credit and you have to be disciplined enough to pay off your bill every month so you avoid interest fees, otherwise, you eventually eat away at your sign-up bonus.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, you can get away with opening and closing credit card accounts without to much damage to your credit score.

9. Moonlight As A Data-Entry Clerk On Your Time

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

While data-entry isn’t the highest paying online job, it requires little to no experience.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The best place to find open data-entry positions are freelancing sites like:

10. Turn Old Books Into Gift Cards Or Cash

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

We all have one, or two, or more. Those dreaded old stacks of textbooks taking up space in some undesignated corner of your home. You could sell them on a classified site or even have a garage sale but why do that when it’s so easy just to give them to Amazon?

Amazon Trade-In allows you to trade in those old textbooks in return for Amazon gift cards. They even take other items like electronics.

All you have to do is go to the Amazon Trade-In page, enter in the required info, and they’ll let you know how much Amazon money you could potentially make.

Now, you prefer a trade for straight cash, check out They claim that they really only want textbooks, but people have had luck trading in regular trade books as well.

11. One Man’s Trash, Is Another Man’s Treasure

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Amongst the yearly 250+ million tons of trash American throw out every year, some, if not a significant portion of that trash, could be sold for cold, hard cash.

Dumpster diving has actually become a “thing” and it’s no coincidence, there’s value to some of the items we carelessly throw away.

Here’s a list of some commonly trashed items that can and should be resold to make a few extra bucks.


  • Bottles and cans
  • Wine bottle and corks
  • Metal bits and pieces
  • Misc. recyclable material

Selling Old Items:

  • Old baby toys
  • Smartphones

Have any items to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

12. Belly Up To Your Local Bar

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Do you enjoy the occasional delicious craft brew at your local watering-hole? What if I told you that someone would pay you for that enjoyment? Score!

Say hello to Secret Hopper, a website that wants to make you a “secret shopper” for your opinion about your experience at local breweries.

They provide an in-depth survey for you to fill out after you’ve spent some time patronizing said local brewery.

To sign-up, just head on over to their webpage and fill out their application form to see if you qualify.

Secret Hopper is taking mystery shopping to a whole new, highly enjoyable level. Mmmm… Beer.

13. Share Your Amazon Purchase History

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Hey, Amazon shoppers here’s a super-easy way to make an extra $36/year.

ShopTracker, a well-known and reputable marketing researching company, simply wants to know what you buy on Amazon every month, and they’ll pay you for it.

You can also rest assured that your private information will be kept private. All they want is your Amazon purchasing history.

Your rewards are redeemable as gift cards. To get started, just sign-up, download the app and fill out a pre-qualification form. Then just login into your Amazon account from within the app itself to automatically share your purchase history.

Do this on a month to month basis and get $3 for it each time.

14. Get $50 To Invest In Causes You Believe In

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Are you interesting in investing but have a strict set of morals and values? Not all companies are interested in sustainability. Our oceans and the ozone layer are important. One company that cares deeply about the environment is Swell Investing.

If you invest $50 with Swell, you will get a $50 bonus. Here is how it works:

  • Open a new account and invest a minimum of $50
  • Use the code WELLWALLET when you are finishing setting up your account
  • You will receive an extra $50 to invest

Because of the way that Swell Investing is structured, there are no expense ratio fees like with mutual find. They charge a .75% annual fee. If you invest $500, this fee is $3.75 a year.

Some of the causes in these portfolios are clean water, renewable energy, and healthy living. You can grow your wealth and also be a part of a good cause.

They also perform well financially. Four of their 7 available portfolios have actually outperformed the S&P 500.

$50 isn’t much to save to start a portfolio. Read our blog for 6 Incredible Tips On How To Save Money. This 6 tips will easily allow you to save enough to start your Swell account.

15. Earn Extra Money As A Part-Time Bookkeeper

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Many companies have recently begun outsourcing their bookkeeping department. If you are looking for a position working remotely, part-time bookkeeping in a great opportunity.

To get started working from home, follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Set up an account by selecting the find a job button
  • Browse by city and also by job title

You don’t have to be a CPA to be qualified as a part-time bookkeeper. Most companies are looking for a candidate that has only one year of experience.

This is a great opportunity for moms and recent college grads. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door of the job market. It’s also a great way for stay at home moms to add some extra income for the family.

16. Investing From Your Phone

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Investing money for your future needs seems like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though. Apps like Clink makes it really easy.

  • Start by setting up an account
  • Link your current checking account to your new Clink account
  • Start investing

Clink is great because you can start with as little as $5. You can easily choose an investment schedule and amount. This also includes the option of setting up a percentage of your income to be automatically invested into stocks.

You have a lot of editing abilities. You can change percentages or change frequency of when you are buying stocks.

They only charge you $1 a month for accounts under $5,000. This is only $12 a year! Once your account hits $5,000, you have changed .25% of your balance total annually. Also, all of your money is insured by SIPC.

17. Never Miss A Deal When Shopping At Walmart

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

A pet peeve of many shoppers is buying an item then seeing it cheaper at another store. Walmart has noticed this too and they have a great app for making sure you get the best deal.

Every time you shop at Walmart, use the Walmart Savings Catcher app to make sure you aren’t missing a better deal from another store.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download and open the Walmart app: Go first to the SHOP tab and then hit the SAVINGS CATCHER button. You then have the option of adding a receipt.
  • Scan your receipt: You should first look for the QR Code on your receipt. If it has one, scan it with the phone. If this is missing, you can scan the barcode. If you are still having a problem, tape the TYPE RECEIPT INFO button, You can then type in the barcode information.
  • Price Comparison: Once you have uploaded your receipt, Walmart will start comparing the items you bought to deals at other stores.
  • Refund: If a store in your area has any item for a better price, the Walmart Savings Catcher will refund you the difference in price

You will be given Rewards Dollars. Your Rewards Dollars are the difference in the price of the items you’ve purchased. You can redeem your Rewards Dollars with a Walmart eGift card.

18. Let Someone Rent Your House For Vacation

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Most families go on vacation at least once a year. How would you like to pay for a portion of your vacation by renting out your house when you are gone? With VBRO, that is entirely possible.

This is also a great option if you and your family travel for work. If your house is going to be vacant for a decent amount of time, why not pull in some extra income? You can either pay a monthly fee to list your property, you can you pay per booking.

It’s easy to set up your account.

  • From the homepage, click the LIST YOUR PROPERTY button
  • Use the prompts to enter how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have
  • Enter your address
  • From here, you register your remaining information such as email, name and phone number.

If you live in a popular city, you could be making money at home from renting out your house or apartment. VBRO also protects you from damage.

If you are a vacationer thinking about renting a hotel room, think again! You can rent a whole house cheaper than a popular hotel. If you are looking for other ways to save money on vacation, check out this blog 3 Amazing Budget Vacation Travel Tips.

19. Sell Your Unused CDs, DVDs, And Video Games

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Most of us have CDs, DVDs or video games that we no longer use. With new streaming technology, CDs and DVDs have dropped in popularity. Why not sell your items and make a profit?

With SecondSpin you could be making money at home off of these items that are sitting around your house. They make it easy to enter your items.

  • In the sell tab, look up the name of your music, movie or game
  • If you are selling multiple items, you can use the bulk option when you enter the UPCs
  • Include a packing list and box up your items to be mailed
  • SecondSpin will reimburse you for shipping, and you will be paid in store credit, check or through your Paypal account.

The more items you sell, the more money you will make. It’s also a great way to declutter your media collection. With services such as Netflix and Spotify, there is no need to have physical copies of your movies or music.

When you enter the titles or UPCs, you will be notified of the value of your trade-in. The only stipulation is that the cases and packaging artwork need to be in good shape.

20. Making Money At Home By Losing Weight

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

It sounds too good to be true but we assure you that you can get paid to lose weight. There are a lot of different apps that will reward you for losing weight or exercising.

If you are already planning on slimming down, why not get paid for it? Our favorite app is DietBet. It works on a system of challenges. You can choose the challenge that you want to join. They range from losing 4% of your body weight to losing 10% of your body weight.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join: You can start your own challenge or join someone else’s challenge.
  • Weigh-In: Before your challenge begins, you’ll need to submit 2 photos. One photo is of you standing on the scale in lightweight clothing. The other is the scale’s readout with your weighs in the word written on a piece of paper.
  • Play: You know how 28 days to complete your weight loss challenge.
  • Weigh Out: On the last day, you need to weigh out. You will only need to submit photos if you are a winner
  • Win: Within 24 hours of the weigh out, the results are made official. The winners are notified by email.

This app works on a betting system. You will bet a certain amount depending on what challenges that you choose. The pot is awarded to the winner.

21. Get Paid To Drive People Around Town

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Ride-sharing has become very popular. For those that aren’t aware, ride sharing is similar to a taxi service. A passenger pays a fee to ride in a car driven by an independent contractor. It’s usually booked through an app from your phone.

Did you know you could be making money at home for being an independent contractor for one of these services? You can create your schedule. You can also make as much or as little as you want.

Lyft is an app that gives you the opportunity to make extra money. You can make more than $800 just driving Friday nights and weekends.

Here are their requirements:

  • You must be 21
  • You must own an iPhone or Android phone
  • You must undergo a DMV check and a background check
  • You must have a 4 door car that you are a covered party on the in-state insurance plan
  • You must have in-state license plates

You will get paid by a per minute and a per mile basis. They also have a bonus program for making money at home with. If you give 100 rides in your first 30 days with Lyft, you get a $200 bonus.

22. Rent Out Your Wardrobe

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you have a large wardrobe, why not make some money renting it out? Renting clothing has become a popular trend. This is especially true for high-end items like gowns and prom dresses.

Put your style to good use. There’s a lot of websites that give you the option of renting out your clothes. If you have high-end designer clothes, you will want to look into Style Lend. They specialize in designer clothing. If you are trying to impress your peers with a designer handbag, why buy when you can rent?

Another great site for rentals is RentNotBuy. Here are the steps to start listing your rentals:

  • Click on the Create a Listing tab
  • Click on the link to Place a Rental Listing
  • Fill in all of the information to set up your account

The great part of using RentNotBuy is that they don’t charge you fees for your rentals. You can also rent out lots of your household, industrial and electronics.

23. Rent Out Your Car

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If getting involved with ride-sharing¬†seems a little daunting, there’s another way you could be making money at home with your car. You can rent it out.

This is a great option if you work from home and you don’t need your car during the week. It also works really well if you don’t use your car on weekends. One of the best websites to list your car through is Turo.

You can sign up for free and setting up takes only ten minutes. There are some big benefits of listing through Turo.

  • The renters pay for all of the gasoline used
  • You get to meet the person renting your car
  • Turo covers your car with $1 million in liability insurance
  • Turo also has 24/7 roadside assistance during trips

This is a really great way to make money if you have a rare or expensive car. The more in demand your model is, the more opportunities you will have for rentals.

24. Get Paid To Visit Stores

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you spend a lot of time shopping, you could be making money at home for the time you spend in stores. This takes no extra effort or extra time.

With an app like CheckPoints, you earn points every time you walk into a store. More than a million locations are supported bu CheckPoints.

All you need to do is check in at different stores to earn points. Once you are in the store, you can receive even more points by scanning particular items. There is no need to actually purchase the items.

The process is really simple:

  • Sign up for free
  • Collect Points
  • Get Rewards

The rewards come in the form of gift cards you can use at popular stores. Not bad for just visiting some retail stores.

25. Hang Out With Animals

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you love animals, a side job as a pet sitter is a great option for you. Not only do you get to hang out with pets, you also get paid for it.

There are a lot of apps out there that let you sign up to be a pet sitter including Rover. If you are looking to pet set all kind of animals, rather than just dogs, is your best option.

You can easily set your availability times. This is really great for busy moms. The normal rate you will make is $20 – $30 a day.

It’s easy to Sign Up:

  • Go to
  • Click on the BECOME A PETSITTER in the top bar
  • Click on the blue button SIGN UP NOW
  • Set up your free account by entering all of your information

This site offers a flexible schedule as well as a good daily rate. The only requirements are that you must be 18 years of age and a US resident.

26. Rent Out Your RV When You Aren’t Using It

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Not using your RV for family trips as much as you want? This is a common problem among RV owners. You can actually rent out your RV when you aren’t using it.

One of the best apps to use for renting your RV is Outdoorsy. It’s one of the most trusted RV rental companies. It’s also one of the most popular.

Signing up is free and easy. Start by going to the outdoorsy webpage. Click on the list my RV button and enter the information about your vehicle.

There are tons of benefits for using Outdoorsy

  • $1 million insurance policy on renter and owner
  • DMV checks on all drivers
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • A customer support team
  • A 93% average 5-star reviews

You always have the final say on who rents your RV. You also get to meet your renter when they pick up the keys. A small transaction fee is taken from each successful rental. Its very low risk with lots of rewards.

27. Make Money Playing Video Games

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you are a big gamer, it’s entirely possible to be making money at home by playing video games. If you have high-value accounts, people are willing to pay for them.

A high-value account usually consists of rare skins, a large number of champions that have been unlocked, or a having a very high rank in the game. A website that specializes in buying and selling accounts is PlayerAuctions.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free Registration
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Support

You can fill out your registration right on the website. PlayAuctions features tons of popular games. You can also trade with other members. This way, you could build up an account that you bought and make even more selling it.

28. Get An Hourly Gig

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Picking up a side gig is a really good way to make extra money. It also has very flexible hours so you can make your own schedule.

A great app to find hourly gigs Is Wonolo. It connects you with hourly or same day jobs from the biggest brands. You get to choose which gigs you are interested in.

There’s a lot of benefits to using Wonolo

  • Freedom and flexibility: You choose when you want to work and locations that are convenient for you.
  • Making money at home is easy: No need for a resume or job interviews, all you need to do is sign up with Wonolo
  • Tap and go: If you find a gig that you want, just accept it and it’s yours.

This app saves tons of time. No more updating your resume or going on job interviews. Just one click and the job is yours. Once you finish the job, you get paid the same day.

29. Have More Free Time By Working From Home

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Working from home has major benefits. One of the biggest ones is your commute. You can go from an hour commute to a minute commute.

Working from home isn’t for everyone. You have to be self-motivated and self-accountable. If you have these traits, this is an avenue that you can pursue.

Unfortunately, work from home jobs can seem hard to find. ZipRecruiter makes that part easy for you. They have an entire section of work from home jobs in your general area.

The steps to use this website are easy:

  • Set up your account
  • Upload your resume
  • Search for work from home jobs
  • Apply with just one click

With over 8 million jobs, there is no need to use other job boards. Another benefit to using ZipRecruiter is they let you know where you stand in each application.

30. Clean Out Your Closet And Sell Your Clothes

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Are you still holding on to old clothes that don’t fit you anymore? You could actually be making money at home off of them. Instead of boxing them up and sending them to goodwill, there are a few sites that specialize in old clothing sales.

Each of these websites is different, so check out the inventory and prices before you start listing. With each, you will need to upload a description, pick a price and write a description.

You would be surprised at how much money you can make from selling your hand me downs. You can also sell accessories such as purses, scarves, hats, and jewelry.

31. Make Money Opening A New Bank Account

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Banks are always offering promotions for opening new accounts. Recently, banks have started offering larger rewards. This is especially true if you are going to be adding a lot of money to your new checking or saving accounts.

Here are some of the top offers from banks:

  • Chase: $200 Bonus. Open a Chase checking account and fund with at least $25.
  • Discover: $150 Bonus: Open an online Discovery savings account and get a $150 bonus. You must deposit at least $15,000 to receive the bonus.
  • HSBC: $200 Bonus: Open an HSBC checking account and deposit at least $1,500.
  • Citibank: $200 Bonus: Open a new Citi checking account and deposit $5,000 within 30 days.

Each of the bonus programs has stipulations. Be sure to check each one before enrolling. Most of them require you to keep your account open for at least 6 months.

If you currently have more than $15,000 in your saving account, you can make larger bonuses of $400 and above.

32. Earn Cash Back To Grocery Shop

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Everyone goes grocery shopping. Why not get cash back for it? With the app Ibotta, getting cash back is really simple.

  • Sign up for an account
  • Link your loyalty card
  • Find the offers. Before you go shopping, add offers on products you plan on buying.
  • Shop
  • Redeem. Take a photo of your receipt. You will get cash back for the items you bought that match the offers you chose before you went shopping.
  • Get Paid. Your cash back will be deposited in your account within 48 hours.

Ibotta has 288 supported grocery stores.

33. Blog For Cash

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Do you have a passionate interest in a particular niche? Or maybe you have a part of your life that is interesting and uncommon? You could potentially an excellent content-creator.

Lots of people make their living entirely by running a blog. All you have to do is have content that people want to read, view and engage with.

Once you get the traffic you’re looking for, you can leverage that into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals. Plus, you can sell ad space for extra cash as well.

Here are some popular blog topics that could get your creative juices flowing:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Family Life
  • Animals and Pets
  • Financial Advice
  • Gaming
  • Travel

Give it a shot, you might be an excellent blogger and not even know it!

34. Join Amazon MyPoints For A $10 Gift Card

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Amazon MyPoints gives you a free $10 Amazon gift card just for signing up.

What is Amazon MyPoints you ask? Basically, you can shop nearly 2000 of the best online retailers, including Walmart and Target, and get points when you make purchases.

Then, you can redeem your points in the form of gift cards from more than 75 major online retailers, restaurants, and travel site. You can even get travel miles as well.

35. Become A Website Quality Tester

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Do you have an eye for good vs. bad user experiences on the web? If your willing to spend some time browsing through websites to find flaws, you can make up to $30/hour!

At, you can get paid $10 for every video you complete and they pay you for testing websites & apps. The only caveat is that they ask you to record your thoughts via audio recording so a decent computer microphone may be needed.

They also record your screen while your testing and some of their major client include, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and other Fortune 500 companies.

Check out to get started.

36. Become A Virtual Assistant

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Work from home doing little menial tasks like checking emails or making travel plans for small business owners that are strapped for time. This has a huge earning potential for more qualified applicants. We’re talking $50 to $100 per hour.

Check out a site like Upwork and Zirutal for job openings for virtual assistants.

37. Start A Daycare Out Of Your Home

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you are a stay at home mom, setting up a daycare at your home could be a great money-making opportunity. You can take care of your kids at the same time.

Many parents prefer a home-based daycare rather than a corporate one. They feel their kids get more individual attention. Also, with fewer children, there is less of a chance of their kids getting sick.

Each state is different when it comes to getting your certification, so you will need to research your state.

Here are the main steps to becoming registered:

  • Call The Department Of Child Services: They will be able to give you the rules and regulations that pertain to your state.
  • Paperwork: Fill out the paperwork from the Department of Child Services. When you are done, send in all of your paperwork
  • Check with your caseworker: A caseworker will be assigned to you through the Department of Child Services. Check in with them to see if there are any pieces of training you need to take or any background checks that need to be run.
  • Online Courses: While you are waiting for your license, take some non-required online course. They will be helpful when you open your daycare.
  • Requirements: Complete any other requirements your state may have when you are waiting for approval on your license. Your caseworker will be able to help you make sure you have everything done.

38. Rent Out Your Musical Instruments

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Do you have any musical instruments laying around that you don’t use? You can make money off of them by renting them out. If you are a musician and have multiple instruments, this is a great option.

You can start by setting up a free account with Sparkplug. It’s free to set up a listing. They walk you through all of the information you need to list your instrument.

Here are the steps to start renting:

  • List your gear: You can look up the make and model year of your instrument. Also, it’s great to have a photo on hand
  • Request Response: You can actually review all of your rental requests yourself. This way, if the timing isn’t right, you can pass on the rental. You also can answer any of the renter’s questions
  • Meeting: You coordinate with your renter when they will be picking up the instrument.
  • Payment: Sparkplug will direct deposit the payment right into your bank account 24 hours after the start date of your reservation.
  • Rental Returned: Once your instrument is returned to you, go over it to make sure there is no damage. You can then rate and review the renter on Sparkplug.

This is a really easy way to make money if you have unused musical instruments. You can pick your rental price. It’s suggested to start low until you build your reputation on the website.

39. Start Freelance Writing

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If you were an English major in college, freelance writing is a great way to boost your income. You have a very flexible schedule, especially important if you are a stay at home mom. Also, if you are good at editing written text, there are a lot of opportunities for you.

A lot of employers are always looking for freelance writers. It is more cost effective for them to hire freelancers rather than keep a writer on staff. They are looking for a range of different kinds of writers that includes technology articles to business articles. By going through a trustworthy site like Upwork, you are guaranteed payment for every article.

Becoming a freelance writer on Upwork is easy:

  • Set up your free profile
  • Work on your contact details including your resume
  • Pick projects you want to work on
  • Write and deliver the final project
  • Get paid for your articles

The more articles that you write, the better your reputation will become on Upwork. You can start charging a higher hourly rate.

Be sure to always think about the tax implications of freelance writing. You will be a 1099 employee and pay taxes on the money you make. For each article you write, you should put money aside to pay the taxes in April.

40. Get Paid To Rate Pizza Shops

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

If your family gets pizza often, there is a fantastic way to make money and get free pizza. Companies will pay for your feedback and their pizza delivery. It only will take a few extra minutes out of your day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out an application as an independent contractor at
  • Use the find assignment button to rate local pizza shops.
  • Call in the assigned location and order your pizza.
  • Document everything. You will need to evaluate the phone call, note the delivery time of your items, take 3 photos of your pizza and a photo of your receipt.
  • Turn in your report to Trendsource. You will get paid $5 plus up to $20 reimbursement for your pizza order.

It’s that easy. If your family gets pizza once a week, that’s $20 a month plus free dinner 4 times. That will also save on your monthly food budget.

Trendsource has other assignments as well. This includes mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and OnSite Inspections.

41. Sell Your Old Lesson Plans

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

One of the hardest parts about being a teacher is coming up with lesson plans. Most teachers have lots of old lesson plans sitting around.

You can actually make money off of your lesson plans. With Teachers Pay Teachers, your old lesson plans can be purchased by other teachers.

The process is easy:

  • Sign up for a free membership for a basic seller account
  • You can post unlimited resources
  • You pay a transaction fee of only 30¬Ę per resource you sell
  • You keep 55% on all of your sales
  • You can see sales data on other reports, so you know what is popular and what people are paying for specific lesson plans.

This is a great idea to make extra money from the work you have already done. Also if you really like lesson plans, you can write them and just sell them online. 5 million teachers used this site last year. With that large of a number, you have a lot of earning potential.

42. Sell Your Junk Mail Instead Of Throwing It Away

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Another great way to make extra money is to sell your junk mail. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

Small Business Knowledge Center (SBKC) will pay you in points you can redeem for a Visa Debit Card. They are doing a market research study on direct mail marketing. Instead of throwing away your junk mail, save it and mail it to them.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the panelist group by filling out a form on their website
  • Check the list of the qualifying direct mail advertising they are accepting
  • Gather up these mailers, and put into postage-paid mailers they give once a week
  • Mail and wait for your rewards to come in

It’s really easy and you can opt out any time. It’s a great way to save some money for your Christmas shopping. They also accept junk emails. All you need to do is forward them to SBKC.

43. Sell Old Phones Or Old Technology

50 Opportunities For Making Money At Home

Most of us have old cell phones or tablets laying around. This is especially true if you upgrade your technology often.

Decluttr is an app that will buy your old technology. You will get a free instant valuation of what your items are worth. Just select the make and model and they will send you an instant price.

The steps to selling are easy:

  • Pack your items into a box
  • Get your welcome pack from Declutter and attach your shipping label
  • Ship your box for free through UPS
  • Receive next day payment when your items reach the warehouse.

They offer many payment options including direct deposit, PayPal, check or even charity. We recommend downloading the app instead of just using their website. This lets you scan barcodes using your phone’s camera.


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