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Save Money on Vacation | Orlando Money Savings

Save Money on Vacation | Orlando Money Savings
Save Money on Vacation | Orlando Money Savings

If you love to travel but find it hard in these tough economic times, you’re not alone. Airline fares seem to always be rising instead of dropping, which is frustrating. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to have an enjoyable vacation. There are various ways to save money, while still having a great vacation. One way to get Orlando money savings is to have a “staycation,” where you take off work to enjoy the places and things in your own city.

The most expensive part of a trip is usually airfare and vacation property. Whether you’re renting a vacation home or staying at a hotel, it always seems to add up. Here are some tips and tricks for saving money while planning a vacation and tips on how to get great Orlando money savings.

Plan Early

First and foremost, planning early may get you the best deals on accommodations and transportation. If you can, confirm your reservations online and enjoy ‘internet only’ rates offered by many hotels. Always be sure to check out the cancellation and refund policies if unforeseen changes need to be made. If you want to save money in Orlando during a vacation, be sure to check hotel rates outside of the theme park areas and book early.

Choose a lesser-known tourist spot

Tourist hotspots are usually more costly when compared to lesser-known destinations. If you are determined to visit a tourist hotspot, try to find an alternative destination that has the same ambiance but more affordable. For example, Mexico’s Cancun or Cabo San Lucas can provide the same fabulous beach vacation like popular Hawaii or Caribbean islands but at a lower price. If you visit Orlando, the number one visited tourist destination in the U.S., plan to do Disney one day, or Universal one day instead of the whole time you’re there. You will really get Orlando money savings if you check out smaller theme parks and destinations outside of the major parks.

Think about spending less on transportation

Transportation costs are one of the largest factors that make vacationing expensive. If you are planning a luxury vacation nearby, consider driving to the accommodation instead of flying or renting a car. Vehicle rentals can be pretty costly and unnecessary if you can drive to the destination in your own car. You will probably be able to save about $50 daily by not renting a car.

Travel off-season

Many vacation spots often offer lower rates during the off-peak season, which may also be the case with some luxury vacation spots. You might even find special promos and discounts for certain airlines and hotels during this time. Find out the various off-seasons of the places you want to go so you’ll know which travel dates will be to your advantage. However, don’t forget to consider weather forecasts before scheduling an off-season vacation to avoid any inconveniences. If you want to save money in Orlando you may want to consider visiting in November, while kids are still in school.

Consider different accommodation alternatives

There are several alternative options to expensive luxury hotels that you can consider for your vacation. For instance, you could probably book a vacation rental that is just as nice as a luxury hotel. Vacation homes are usually more spacious and much more private than a hotel. As technology has advanced over the years there are now options like Air BNB where you can stay at someone’s house in a guest bedroom or even rent the whole home. The possibilities are endless if you begin your travel research in advance. If you want to save money in Orlando and aren’t opposed to staying in someone else’s home click here!

Consider a nearby location

If you choose a destination that isn’t too far from your home, the price will be significantly lower than flying across the world. Take into consideration what you want to get out of your vacation and see if you can find something suitable near your home.

Choose a vacation package

All-inclusive vacation packages are pretty popular and can typically save you quite a bit of money. Vacation packages usually include necessities such as airfare, hotel accommodation, transportation and even itineraries. All-inclusive packages usually also include food and drink. This makes it quite convenient since you won’t have to worry about the individual details of the trip. A travel agency or an Internet search may yield a wealth of vacation packages that you just may want to consider. If you’re coming to the Sunshine State and want to save money in Orlando check out these awesome all-inclusive deals here!

Shop and cook most of your meals (if you can)

Another way to save money on vacation (unless you’re all-inclusive,) is to not rely on eating out for every meal. You could go grocery shopping and cook your meals where you are staying if you have a kitchen. If you don’t have a kitchen you can still buy muffins and fruit for breakfast, plus some snacks and sandwiches for lunch.

I hope you take these tips into consideration because you can definitely enjoy a low-cost vacation if you take the time to research your options.

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