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6 Natural Relief Tips For Allergies

6 Natural Relief Tips For Allergies
6 Natural Allergy Relief Tips

Although spring is a beautiful time of year, it can be a nightmare for people with allergies. Because everything is blooming, there is a lot more pollen in the air. For those with allergies, it can make it hard to breathe. Over the counter, allergy medicine can be very expensive. Also, for people they are sensitive to medication, over the counter allergy relief can cause you too many side effects. We have some ideas for natural relief from your seasonal allergies.

Washing Your Hair

Anytime that you are outside for any length of time, you should wash your hair when you get back inside. Pollen can collect in your hair, especially if it is windy. This pollen can eventually fall into your eyes and make them itchy and watery. Its an awful feeling for people with seasonal allergies. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.


The best defense for allergies is to take a hot shower. This is your best defense if you have severe seasonal allergies. The first signs of an allergy attack are coughing, wheezing and sneezing. A shower will remove all of the allergens from your body quickly. You may want to wash your body and hair twice just to be sure you didn’t miss any spots.

Wearing Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses anytime you go outdoors is another way to help your allergies. This is especially important if your eyes are affected by pollen. During spring, the wind may blow pollen in the air. This will immediately get into your eyes. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from pollen that is blowing in the air.

Closing Your Windows

This is an often overlooked cause for your allergies. You should keep the windows of your house and car closed during spring and summer. It may feel great to open your windows and let in the breeze, but this will pollute your space. Once pollen gets into the fabric, it is really hard to remove. This can keep setting off your allergies. By keeping your windows closed will keep pollen from entering your car or your house.

Nasal Spray

Once pollen gets into your sinus passages, it can be miserable. You will keep having symptoms because the pollen is stuck. Flushing out your sinus passages is the best way to deal with this. You can buy saline nasal spray at any drug store. Clean out each side of your nose with a spray or two. This will remove all of the pollen and will help stop your body’s reaction to the allergen.


Peppermint is known as a natural allergy reliever. You can buy peppermint tea at any grocery store. Start by having a cup of peppermint tea at night. Also, anytime you are having problems with your allergies, brew a cup. You can also get peppermint as an essential oil. This is a more concentrated form of peppermint. Put a drop on each temple, under your nose and on the insides of your wrists. This will be absorbed into your skin and help you naturally battle the pollen.

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