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6 Incredible Tips For Saving On Grocery Shopping

6 Incredible Tips For Saving On Grocery Shopping
6 Incredible Tips For Saving On Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a huge part of your family’s budget. We are sure you have noticed the trend that food prices keep going up. It can be hard to stick to a budget when this happens. Grocery shopping is a necessity. Did you know there are some easy ways to help lower your weekly bill? These little ways can add up over the course of a year. They are little changes that don’t cost a thing. If your family spends less money grocery shopping, you will have more money each month to use for other things.

Meal Plan

If you wander the aisles aimlessly when you are grocery shopping, you are more likely to buy things out of your budget. An easy trick to solve this is to work out a weekly meal plan. If you know in advance what you plan on cooking during the week, you can stick to your list when you are shopping. The easiest way to start this is by just making a plan weekly. Once you master this, you can make a monthly meal plan. You can then buy things on sale when you know you will be cooking them the next week. This will keep you away from buying stuff because it looks appetizing.


It’s quite normal to go grocery shopping once a week. But, it’s even a better idea to go once every week and a half. It will force you to cook with items you already have on hand. You won’t be wasting as much food. Plus, if you limit your trips, you will spend less each month when you do go to the store.


Going grocery shopping when you are hungry is the worst idea. You end up purchasing things that look good and aren’t on your list. These things can add up and blow your weekly budget. If you have to go shopping before you have eaten a meal, you can always eat a snack like a banana or energy bar. You then won’t be tempted to purchase items, not on your list.

Pre-Cut Fruit

Buying pre-cut fruit can defiantly save you time. Unfortunately, you are paying a premium when you buy fruit this way. It’s much better to buy raw fruit and cut it yourself. Everyone is busy during the week and this option does make it easier to pack lunches. But, you will pay so much more for it pre-cut.


Clipping coupons is another great way to save money at during your grocery shopping. You want to stick with the ones that apply to the items you buy every week. If you use coupons on more expensive items you wouldn’t normally buy, it doesn’t help you stick to your budget. Having your monthly meal plan in place will help you choose your coupons wisely.


When possible, always choose the generic store version over name brand food. In most cases, the quality is exactly the same. There may be a few items that you are willing to pay a little more for. But in general, generic brands work just as well. Staples like pasta and rice can be bought in the generic brand. This will save you a lot when it comes to your budget.

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