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Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas To Celebrate Dad

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Parents are the greatest gifts any child can have. Just as our childhood and life after that, the word ‘parents’ is also incomplete without a father. As we celebrate the love, care, and support of our mothers on the Mothers Day, the idea of Father’s Day was also to love, respect, and honor the ever present love, support, guidance, and teachings of our fathers in our lives. We can never return the kind of love and affection we receive from our parents, and it would be foolish to think that we can repay them in any way. However, we can dedicate one day to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge the love that we have received from our fathers and make them feel special and thank them for all that they have done for us. All Father’s Day ideas reverberate around the same emotion and try to express our feelings in different ways.

A short history on Father’s Day

The first Father’s Day ever was celebrated by a Babylonian boy named Elmusu who carved a Father’s Day message of clay card and wished father a long and healthy life. It is not known what happened to the father and the son after that, but ever since the Fathers all across the globe has been dedicated a special day.

Later, celebrating Father’s Day Ideas was put forth by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington. Sonora was brought up by her father after her mother’s death, and while listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day in 1909, she thought of dedicating a day to the father when children will have the opportunity to honor and pay respect to their fathers. Since the birthday of Sonora’s father was in June, she thought of celebrating the first Father’s Day on 19th June 1910.

Father’s Day Ideas

If you are confused about what would be one of the perfect Father’s Day Ideas for dad, you browse through the Internet. Several websites offer unique gift ideas to choose from. Some of the common and popular Fathers Day gift include leather wallets, key chains, flowers, personalized cuff links, silver plated pocket watch, drinking glass set, perfumes, accessory case, barbecue gift set, travel bag, keepsake boxes, personalized credit card cases, etc.

Showpieces, personalized photo frames, beer mugs, travel mugs, windproof lighters silver cigar case and cutter sets are also popular choices. To buy any of these gifts, you need to browse the Internet and look at the men’s gift categories. Each item is displayed with a description, image, and its price. It is advisable to browse through multiple websites and compare the prices before you buy any. Almost every website has a separate section dedicated to men’s gifts, which include fathers, brothers, friends, and husbands.

Along with these traditional gifts, you can plan some unique gifts for him. Try cooking a special dish which is your dad’s favorite or you can present a hand crafted gift. Preparing a family album with your dad’s favorite family photographs is a good idea. Also, you can write a special Father’s Day letter and give it to him along with the other gifts. You can make the family video or arrange for a family tour; you can make a collection of your dad’s favorite books, poems, songs or movies.

There are plenty of things which you can do to make you dad special. Be a little creative and combine the traditional gifts with a personal touch of uniqueness and originality!

Mother's Day Gifts

5 Ideas for Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

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There is nothing more special in life than a mother’s love for her child. Special Mother’s Day Gifts are always a great way to show her how much you love her. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a gift, your mom will love a Mother’s Day Gift that is as unique as she is.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

There is nothing more special than receiving a homemade gift from your child. It takes much more thought than buying an item in the store. You don’t have to be super crafty or creative to pull this off. A side by side photo of you and your mom when you were a baby and one taken recently in an inexpensive frame would melt her heart. A box with little paper squares listing all of your favorite memories with her is another great idea. She can open then one at a time and read them at her pace. Does your mom have a special recipe the whole family talks about? Handwrite it onto fancy paper and frame it for her.

Technology Gifts

Every woman loves to hear the songs she grew up with. Make mom a playlist of all of her favorite songs from her childhood. A Keurig Single Serve coffee maker is another great idea. Its just for her use though, and get her a sample pack of tons of K-cup varieties to try. No Mother’s Day Gifts can beat a good cup of coffee.

Practical Gifts

Moms don’t have a ton of time, especially if they still have small children. Clean her house from top to bottom as a Mother’s Day Present. Does she have a favorite magazine she used to love and doesn’t seem to have time for? Get her a subscription and convince her to set 30 minutes aside to read it. How about matching all of the socks and getting rid of the ones that have went unmatched for months? Also throw in a complimentary lint cleaning of the dryer.

Thoughtful Gifts

Find out where your mom was born and get her some vintage map jewelry of the area. Also, a photo collage of some of her old childhood photos with her parents and siblings would be thoughtful and appreciated. Her hobbies and interests is what makes her unique, even if she doesn’t always have time for them. If your mom is a gardener, a new set of tools or a basic seed kit so she can make an indoor kitchen garden.

Sentimental Gifts

Anything from when you were born could be given to her as one of her Mother’s Day gifts to remind her how special your bond is. A family tree custom pillow cover is another gift that is not only pretty but has sentimental meaning also. A tablecloth with all of her children’s and grandchildren’s handprints and signatures is another gift she will cherish for years to come.


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