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Budget Bathroom Storage Tips

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Always seem to run out of usable space in your bathroom? Join the club, with styling products, extra towels, toilet paper rolls, toiletries and basic needs, there never seems to be enough bathroom storage. Budget constraints can be a major issue when looking for extra bathroom storage. We have some simple and cost effective ways to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.


There never seems to be enough space in the shower for all of your daily products. Too much shampoo, conditioner and body wash? All you need are some dollar store suction cups and hair ties. Lace a hair tie through a suction cup and knot it securely through the hole in the middle. Attach the suction cups to the walls of your shower and fit all of your extra bottles into the hair tie loop. Another inexpensive tip is to install another tension rod inside of your shower. Add hooks to your secondary rod for places to hang your loofahs or even another small shower caddy for shaving cream.


Unless you are lucky enough to have a huge medicine cabinet or a massive bathroom cabinet, bathroom storage for this area is at a premium. You can double your medicine cabinet’s space by installing organizers on the back of the mirror. For only $11, you can purchase 3-packs of attachable pods that use adhesive to attach the the unusable space. You can store Qtips, toothbrushes or cosmetics with these easy to attach pods. IKEA offers another great solution. You can install a picture ledge above your sink to store hand soap, hair products and even scented candles. This solution not only gives you extra storage but it also is a great decorative feature for your bathroom.

Towel Rack

Hanging towels to dry takes up a ton of space, especially for large families. A underutilized area in your bathroom is behind your bathroom door. You can stack inexpensive towel drying bars behind your door with screws to hang multiple towels to dry. Clean towels also eat up precious bathroom storage space. Screw a wine rack above your toilet to store rolled up towels in many sizes for future use.


New cabinets can be very expensive and hard to swing for a family on a budget. We have an easy and cheap solution for you. Visit goodwill or even prowl the neighborhood on trash day for old drawers from a dresser. They can be easily spray painted to match your bathroom’s décor. Attach to the walls to store extra toiletries that are used everyday without the hassle of storing them in a medicine cabinet. You can customize these drawers further by attaching old wallpaper to the open area.

Who would ever figure that you could gain so much extra space in your bathroom on a tight budget? Not only are these budget friendly items, but they help organize your space for hectic mornings when the kids are running late or you have an unexpected meeting.

Get Your House Ready For The Holidays – Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning is a great way to improve the appearance of your home. It removes stubborn stains and spills from your carpet. Not only does carpet cleaning effect what your house looks like, it can also affect your family’s health. If anyone in your family is suffering from breathing problems such as snoring or asthma, it’s important for you to vacuum your carpets at least 3 times a week. Professional carpet cleaning is something that you will need to have done at least once a year. If your family is still having any problems with their breathing, you should get them professionally cleaned twice a year.

Indoor Pollutants

Your carpet can hold several types of indoor pollutants. The most common are pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, pollen and everyday dust. Once these allergens are on your carpet, they get rereleased when you vacuum or walk across your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners are able to remove these items from your carpet with a combination of special shampoo formulas and with high powered vacuums.

Dust Mites

Another allergen that isn’t widely known is dust mites. The reason for this is that they are microscopic and you cannot see them with the naked eye. The actual dust mites are not allergens. Their body fragments and feces are the things that are though. When your family inhales these, it can cause severe allergy problems. The way to remove this is to have your carpet steam cleaned. Steam cleaning heats your carpet to temperatures that dust mites cannot survive.


Another reason to schedule your carpet cleaning is mold. Molds can be very hazardous to human health. Some of the symptoms of mold exposure are running nose, sore throat, itchy eyes, cough, wheeze, chest tightness, shortness of breath and asthma. These can be severe especially for the young and elderly. When you live in places such as Florida with high humidity, your carpet is more at risk of developing mold. Moisture can easily get tracked into the home and can sink into your carpet fibers. You can prevent this by drying your carpet and vacuuming immediately. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned will also fix these mold and mildew problems.

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning also prolongs the life of your carpet. Professionally cleaning involves extraction methods that increase the life of your carpet. This is very helpful for your home improvement budget. It makes your carpet easier to maintain. If you get your carpet cleaned regularly, minor spills can be removed by vacuuming alone. It also will remove spots and stains. The problem with getting a stain on your carpet is that it can become worse. More dirt and debris can attach to this original sport and make it nearly impossible to remove further down the road.

Maintain Your Warranty

Most people aren’t aware that not getting your carpet cleaned can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties require cleaning with the extraction method in a specific amount of time. The most common is 12 or 18 months. After a professional cleaning, even the oldest carpet can appear brand new. This will improve the appearance of your home and will help the resale value if you choose to sell in the future.

Children's games

4 Great Summer Children’s Games

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Summer is a great time to spend time with your kids. It’s also a great time to organize some do it yourself children’s games. Amusements parks and pool fees can be expensive for a family. We have some great free children’s games that the whole family can enjoy!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nothing screams summer more than a scavenger hunt. This children’s game is completely free and very easy to organize. Type up a list on your computer with items that can be found in your backyard. Print a list for each child that is participating. Some examples are a smooth rock, a fuzzy leaf or a flower. Everyone gets the list at the same time and the first one to find all of the items gets a summer prize. Washable markers can be used for each participant to check off the items on the list. Prizes can be something you already have around your house such as a Popsicle or a water gun. The winner gets to hose down the other kids.

Water ballon target practice

This children’s game is not only easy, but all of the kids can also enjoy setting it up. Start by having the oldest child draw chalk circles in the driveway. They should be nestled inside each other like a target. Label the circles starting with 50 for the middle small one, to 5 in the largest ring. Next, have the kids take turns filling up water balloons with an outdoor hose. This can be one of the children’s games within itself! Once enough are filled, store them in an empty bucket for easy tossing. Also make a scoreboard in sidewalk chalk to keep score. Each kid gets a ballon and tries to hit the circles in the target. After 10 throws, the highest score wins. A great prize would be a free pass from weekly chores.

Water Cup Race

More than just a game, this activity could last a whole day. Cut pieces of yarn in equal lengths and duct tape each to opposite walls, maintaining a row with four feet in between each piece. Next, take a plastic cup and poke a hole in the bottom for this children’s game. Remove one end if the duct tape, string the cup through the yard and attach back to the wall. Every kid gets a water gun, which they can fill with the hose by themselves. Line everyone up and scream go. The kids will use the water guns to aim the guns on the inside of the cups and squirt to move the cup down the yard. The winner is the first one to get the cup all the way to the wall. This game is addicting and we can guarantee that there will be a lot of rematches.

Frozen T-Shirt Race

This is a classic on days when the temperature and humidity is really high. The night before, soak a bunch of large t-shirts in water and place them in plastic bags. Stick them all in the freezer, to freeze overnight. Give each participant a frozen t-shirt and have them race to see who can defrost and put the t-shirt on first. They can defrost it by any means, cooling themselves down in the process.

Home Repair Tips

5 Simple Weekend Home Repair Tips

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There exist various home repairs that every homeowner can do over a weekend even without getting any assistance from a contractor. It is worth to note that these repairs that you do on your own are important is so many ways. The very idea of home repairs evokes images of demolition, chaos, cash advances and credit debt in the minds of many homeowners. For many individuals, it is simply not an option to live in a home that isn’t in good repair. These home repair tips enable you to get the job done right when doing your home repairs. The repairs that you do on your own are an excellent way to save money while building the home of your dreams. Below is a list of inexpensive five easy home repairs you can do in one weekend.

Deep clean

Often, all a home needs to shine is a thorough scrub. Cleaning walls, windows, floors, and cabinetry can spruce up the appearance of a home, make a well-worn house look new. Additionally, de-cluttering can have an enormous impact on a home’s appearance. Putting unused items into storage, getting rid of old knick-knacks, and limiting the number of items covering the wall and floor space can make a home look larger, cleaner, and newer. Best part: aside from a few products and a lot of elbow grease, cleaning is free.

Change the lighting

Lighting is such an important factor in a home’s appearance, as it sets the mood for the entire home. Liven up dark living spaces with a new floor or table lamps, remove dark curtains to let in natural light, and brighten and update kitchens with chandeliers or pendant lights. While not as cheap as cleaning, lighting is a relatively inexpensive fix that doesn’t require a handyman and has a dramatic impact on the look of a home.


Evidently, you can decide to do some painting as it is one of the simplest and affordable ways that can make your home to have a new look. For the cost of a couple of gallons of paint, some painters tape, and a bit of hard work, a home can be transformed. Some home repair tips are more important than others when it comes to painting your home. Be correctly advised before starting your painting job


By reupholstering worn furniture, homeowners can breathe new life into their home. Additionally, reupholstering one’s smaller furniture items, such as dinner chairs and ottomans, gives a homeowner the opportunity to have a little fun with patterns and colors without an expensive long term commitment. Upholstery fabric can be bought at local craft stores. Installation can range from very simple to difficult, depending on the size of the item, so be sure to research how to videos before jumping in.


Refinishing one’s cabinets is one of the most significant ways to change one’s home on a dime. New cabinets are incredibly expensive. Refinishing makes the home’s kitchen new again. It will take some time and effort, so set aside a weekend for the project. The result will be worth it!

You don’t need a cash advance to update the look of your home; with these home repair tips, you can live in style and stay out of debt. By visiting a do it yourself website, you are advised on how to change the knobs, handles, and fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen give these spaces an instant face-lift. While faucet fixtures can get pricey, handles and knobs are not. Engage yourself in this repairs and at the end of it all, you will have your weekend well spent. You will also save money that you would have to given to the contractor.

Florida Gardening

5 Tips For Your Summer Garden | Florida Gardening

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Your garden is not just a place to grow fruits and vegetable. It is an extension of the home and the community too. When spring and summer comes, your Florida gardening project is not only meant to give you a supply of fresh food but to also help in making the community a better place. It is therefore a good to invest in practices that conserve the environment, promote the best community values , and improve the lives of people. You do not have to work too hard to achieve this because as you will find out, some of the small things that people overlook are the ones that end up making the biggest difference. Here are a few tips for you.

Use organic fertilizers for soil for planting

Since winter has already gone and the weather is favorable for Florida gardening, you will be seeking to enrich the soil so that the plants can receive nourishment. Many people choose artificial fertilizers because they are readily available and are easy to use. These fertilizers, however, might contain chemicals that harm the plants as well as people. The best option Florida gardening project is to go for organic products. You could even use compost manure, which can be made at home with no cost.

Choosing seeds for the garden

You also should choose seeds that have been certified by the relevant authorities in your state. The problem that some people make is that they are in a hurry to plant in spring so much so that they forget about choosing the right seeds. You might just end up planting fruits or vegetables that contain some nutrients, which might harm you. Anyone who cares about best community values knows that whether buying seedlings or seeds, it is vital to verify their source. Only buy from trusted suppliers.

Watering your garden

When it comes to watering the garden, there are two things that have to be balanced. On one hand, you want the plants to get plenty of water for better growth while on the other; you want to avoid overwatering them. It also is god to invest in watering practices that conserve water. According to the experts, evenings are the best time to water these plants. This has been attributed to the fact that plants do not take up too much water during the night and so; there still will be enough supply for them when daytime comes.

The use of pesticides

Just as humans enjoy summer weather, insects find a time to thrive too. The problem, however, is that these small creatures might be harmful to your plants. They could eat the leaves from kales or make unpleasant marks on potatoes and other roots. Investing in a good insecticide is the only way you can protect your garden. While adhering to the best community values , you should not choose insecticides that emit harmful chemicals in the air. They will not only poison your vegetables and fruits but they also will harm your neighbors and everyone who shares the home with you. Be safe and protect your health.

Choose food plants that benefit the community

What do you plan to grow in your garden this summer? Before you make a choice, think about the types of fresh foods that people in your community like. You might want to include some of those in your plans. At the end of the day, the garden is not only meant to benefit your family. There are times when you harvest more than what you anticipated and so, the surplus will find its way into someone else’s kitchen. Whether you decide to sell it or give it away for free, nobody will want to take it if it is not the type of food that they like.

As you can see, Florida gardening in spring can be rewarding if you stick to the best community values. It is one of the few activities that you can do for fun and for money at the same time. You also should know how to arrange plants in the garden with regard to things such as colors, height and growth patterns to avoid ending up with a funny looking one. Just like everyone else, you have been waiting for spring for long so swing into action and start Florida gardening now.


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