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4 Thrifty Bathroom Remodel Hacks

Thrifty Bathroom Remodel Hacks
Thrifty Bathroom Remodel Hacks

A beautiful bathroom remodel can add so much value to your home. Unfortunately, it’s really expensive to do a bathroom remodel. Instead, how about upgrading certain items to make your bathroom feel new? We have some thrifty bathroom remodel hacks that will transform your bathroom. Sometimes simple updates to existing fixtures and hardware can cut down the cost for your project.


A new bathtub can be very expensive. Also, depending on how old your house is, this could be impossible to upgrade. This could involve ripping up the floor and the tile in your shower depending on how your tub was installed. Older homes usually have tubs that are installed into the walls or floor. This would involve gutting your whole bathroom. Instead, you can purchase a tub liner to save money on your bathroom install. You can find pre-made tub liners at home improvement stores like Home Depot. You also can take measurements and get a custom liner built. With either of these options, it’s about a quarter of the cost of ripping out your old scratched tub.

Old Tile

Having old, unique tile in your shower can give you bathroom personality. Unfortunately, when some of the tile needs repaired it is next to impossible to find pieces to purchase. This is another occasion that a liner can be your best option. You can also purchase shower liners at home improvement stores. By taking measurements of your shower, you have a wide variety of design types to choose from. This not only makes it look like you did a bathroom remodel, but it will also protect the old tile underneath from further water damage. Be sure to also shop online. Sometimes stores will have a closeout on a certain design and you can get it on clearance for next to nothing.


If you have a small bathroom, you may be thinking of removing walls to add some extra space to your bathroom. We have a better idea to make your room feel larger. Instead of a traditional cloth shower curtain, instead, install clear glass doors in your shower. Being able to see through the glass adds the inside of your shower to your square footage in that area. If you are not handy with home improvement projects, this is one that you would want to discuss with your local handyman. Once you buy the materials, you can pay a handyman to install your new doors. This is a pretty cost-effective method to your bathroom remodel.

Sink and Vanity

The sink and vanity is the centerpiece in your bathroom. It’s also the easiest piece to update. You don’t need to be a plumber to install a new one. It mainly involves turning off the water, installing the new item and turning the water back on. It can easily be done in an afternoon. You can find a lot of closeouts on designs for new ones that will save you even more money. This could add a lot of extra value to your house if you are ever thinking of selling it.

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  1. David Lawrence

    AMAZING inspiration hacks for bathroom remodel. I would think that renovating our bathroom as early as now to install some additions that can help the elderly to move around safely will be a good idea. Thanks for sharing the thrifty bathroom remodel hacks post!

    David Lawrence