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Top Disney Kingdom Visitor Tips and Tricks

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For most children and family, a visit to Disney Kingdom is a dream come true. It has always been known as the most beautiful place on Earth. Take it from some Disney Kingdom insiders, with these tricks your experience will be so much more magical.

Money Saving Tips

Every mom loves to save money, especially when you are vacationing on a budget. There are some minor money saving tips that will make your Disney Kingdom trip less stressful. Bring your own poncho. It normally rains everyday in Florida, and ponchos in the park can be expensive. Buy your souvenirs ahead of time at Walmart or another retail store. You can even get Mickey ears! Before booking your trip, become a AAA member. AAA has discounts on rooms and tickets.

Time Saving Tips

If you have little ones that need a stroller, tie a bright scarf around the handle. You will easily be able to pick your stroller out from all the others parked in the Disney Kingdom. By getting to the theme parks 45 minutes before opening, you can beat all of the lines and get on your favorite rides without much of a wait. Also, instead of sitting for snacks, buy an ice cream and eat it while you and the youngsters are waiting on a ride. Before even entering the park, take a photo of the aisle you parked in to save you the headache of trying to find the car.

Planning Tips

Fast passes are key to enjoying your vacation! Always book all of them in the morning and you can get additional ones later in the day. Don’t forget to check out the Electric Light Parade. A great place to avoid crowds is from the shores of Fort Wilderness. Do not wear new shoes to Disney Kingdom, your feet will hate you for it. Be sure to bring a pair of broken in shoes. Also, stock up before the trip on bandages and aspirin in case you your children get any blisters. The more you plan in advance for Disney, the more your family will enjoy the trip. You can make reservations for character dining experiences 180 days in advance. You can also catch character meals at Disney Resorts rather than in the parks for a more intimate dining experience.

General Tips

The parks are always most crowded in the afternoons. It works out perfectly to take a break to get out of the Florida sun, plus give smaller children naps back at the hotel. Also make sure all children are wearing waterproof sunscreen and reapply frequently. There are hidden Mickey’s hidden all over the park. Make it a mission for your family to find as any as they can throughout their trip. The cast members at Disney are trained to answer any questions you may have. They will go out of their way to help you and to assist you in any and every way. Staying hydrated in the park is a must. For convenience instead of lugging around tons of bottles of water, you can ask for a glass of ice water anywhere in the park and it is provided completely free of charge.¬†

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