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4 Amazing Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding

How To Save Money On Your Wedding
How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Summer is the best time of the year for a wedding. Did you know that weddings currently average $33,391? That’s an astronomical figure in our books. Before you get too far into your wedding planning, you need to set your budget. Spending a ton of money on your wedding doesn’t make your wedding any more special of a day. According to the statistics, a couple that spends the most amount of money on their weddings is most likely to divorce. We have some really good tips on how to save thousands of dollars off of your wedding budget.


An important part of your wedding is the venue that you choose. Though you may want a specific venue for your special day, try to shy away from venues that require you to use their vendors. These vendors are often overpriced. Also, you have no choice in the matter. A more cost effective way is to choose a place in which you can use your own vendors. This way, you can shop around for prices. The cost savings can be enormous. Working with your own vendors can cost you between somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000. If you must work with specific vendors, it cost you upwards of $10,000.

Guest List

For most weddings, the couple pays for each guest that is attending. This includes their meal, cake, and alcohol. The more guests you invite, the more expensive it is going to be. When you are planning, you must consider each guest’s partner and children. These extra people can really add up when it comes to the number of people on your guest list. The larger your guest list, the more expensive your special day will be. A better option may be to invite only family and close friends. You can actually have a small reception afterward for those guests that you left off of your list. This can save you thousands.

Wedding Dress

Some designer wedding dresses can actually cost as much as the majority of your wedding. This also includes dresses that are custom made. There are actually many cost-effective solutions. Bridal shops usually discount sample dresses. They even have white bridesmaid dresses that can be purchased at a fraction of normal wedding dress costs. If you have your heart set on a designer gown, you can rent one. Also, there are lots of designer gowns available on second-hand websites.


If you plan on purchasing a custom wedding cake from a bakery that specializes in this, you will spend hundreds of dollars. Although is important to have a delicious cake, there are many better options. Grocery stores offer large sheet cakes that can taste just like a bakery cake. You can also purchase different size cakes and stack them. If you are looking for the pretty visual effects, you can cheaply buy a fake wedding topper. Some couple opts for skipping the cake completely. You can serve cookies, donuts, pie or cupcakes for dessert. This is a great idea if you already had plans to have cookies or cupcakes. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. If cake cutting is an important part of your wedding photos, you can purchase a small cake for this purpose and just serve it for the bridal party.

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